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Health & Fitness Live

Postby ksl » Fri, 18 Jun 2010 9:20 am

Hi everyone, I just thought I would share an application tracker, that can monitor your sport by satellite, you just down load the program to your phone, then setup the program on your computer in live mode. Start the program on your phone and off you go doing your exercise.

It works out speed, averages and calories burnt in real time GPRS. So now you can motivate yourself to beat your first time, and lose weight!

Welcome to the world of endomondo

My weight has gone up from 75kg to 98kg, I have 3 blockages in my heart, the worst is 60%, and i thought my fitness level was very poor, even though I run regular, I couldn't lose weight, because i was having 2 bottles of beer each night. that would be an extra 1200 calories, not forgetting the nights out with SMS....every 3 months or so, that would be 3600 calories in one booze up.

Anyway, I have stopped the beer and now hope to see some action on the scales, over the next month.

You can share your efforts live or keep them private, enjoy!

My time to beat is 1hr 4 minutes for 8.4km. 3 years ago, I would have done 8 km in 48 minutes, weighing 80kg so the extra 15kg slows me down a lot, also reduced oxygen intake now...Don't be concerned if I drop dead, it will be doing something i enjoy! (sex and pain) :oops: Only joking guys :P

The application is a networking community so you can challenge each other in real time or just make friends for the occasion.
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Postby ksl » Sat, 11 Sep 2010 1:47 am

Quick update, weight is now 86.5 and I have not run for 10 days, metabolism is burning good, with no running for the last 10 days. I weighed in at 88, 10 days ago :???: Must be the DrinkingVinegar i was drinking, as i haven't run the last 10 days, and i lost more weight than i did running 1.5 kg in 10 days, though i have been to busy to run, with a lot of walking around.
Do note that you weigh lighter in the mornings and should weigh in at the same time each the day, by afternoon you could put 1kg on easy.

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