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Headhunting & Expat packages

Post by MimiUsa » Thu, 17 Jun 2010 11:27 pm

On the advice of a ex-pat friend from SP to USA, my hubby has submitted his CV to some headhunting agencies in Singapore. It would seem his skills are in much demand - all high level finance management MNC's.

We looked on some sites and it would appear that the 'average salary' would be in the region of 250-300K+.

1. Is this the average ex-pat salary or average local salary?

He has been contacted and told at his level he would be guaranteed of a full 'ex-pat' package.... whatever that means.

2. What does that entail? What would be a typical housing package at this level, schools, (we have one about to go into 1st grade and the other would be creche) Do they pay for flights back to the USA for holidays? ... Or anything else I haven't thought of.

Also I am a Self Employed Management Consultant (marketing, business development etc.) primarily with SME's not MNC's and am wondering would I be better off submitting to a headhunter also, or if we accept should I wait till we get there and then look for job.

I'm not even sure I would work as I only take on a few contracts a year here as it is (kids, travel etc)

Would appreciate any advice. Hubby is US Citizen, I am an Irish Citizen/Green Card USA.

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