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Working holiday visa

Posted: Sun, 06 Jun 2010 10:42 am
by lynnith
The 6 month working holiday visa looks pretty awesome, but I can't find much info online about people who've successfully done it. The government's website is excessively vague, and in addition to the visa nuts & bolts I'm curious about the job and housing markets for short-timers.

Some context - I'm not new to working holidays (I'm on my 4th one, in NZ) but have never been to SE Asia. Mostly I pick up contracts in digital advertising but end-dates can get in the way of cool jobs, so I'm not above temping in a pinch.

How much time (and money) should I be budgeting for the getting-settled phase? Is it fairly easy to hit the ground running there? Is the job market very receptive to short-term foreigners?