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Career switch?

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Career switch?

Post by cyn83 » Sat, 05 Jun 2010 5:23 pm

Hi all,

Im a newbie here and thought I could share my trouble here and hopefully get some useful advice.

Im a SPR with Australian degree in Banking & Finance and have close to 3 years of experience in SG. Took sabbatical leave last year for marriage (plus fed up of the work) and went back to my home country for half a year.

Two months ago, I've got a contract job with the same role as previous job and find myself feeling fed up/tired again. My husband and friends have been telling me that I should give up the job and look for something that Im passionate about. Given the circumstances, I was ready for a career switch and a pay cut. Problem is, Im still not sure what I want to do and what I like in doing.

Few years back, I was working at a small Brand consultancy firm in Jakarta as a fresh grad. I quit because I was moving to SG and start fresh again in Banking. Few years later, I find myself still interested in Brand Mgmt issues. Did my research on Brand Mgmt career and my CV simply wouldnt fit. Currently I cant afford taking up a Master degree because we plan to start a family.

Now Im just confused on what should I do. And even if I take a switch, what if few years down the road I find myself unhappy with work again?

Does anyone has an info on Brand Consultancy industry in Singapore? If I take up a short course on Brand Management, will this be enough to apply for a job in this industry?

appreciate your advice/comments

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Post by Mad Scientist » Sun, 06 Jun 2010 9:45 am

I do not know about brand consultancy career but looking at what you wrote, you are at a crossroads for wanting to do what you like but not sure and doing something you hate but need the dough for the family . On top of that wanted to have a family and having a career for yourself

You are confused and do not know what to do.
I suggest talk to your spouse first. Write down what is important to you. The advantages and disadvantages for all your worries and goals.
Take a step back and see where you are at in terms of finance, security etc..

At the end of that , choose which is best for yourself , if you can juggle all then is all good . From experience something got to give away and you have to make that choice. :)
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