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Re: emirates

Post by jaymee » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 3:40 am

joyee wrote:Hi
Does Cathay Pacific recruits Singapore girls as their flight stewardess?

answer to your question is yes, cathay hire singapoeans but dun have much details abt it, guess u gotta check their web site :)



Post by Delirious » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 9:38 am

Hi! Do you think chicken pox scars on the forehead is allowed? It can actually be covered by fringe but i'm not very sure if they'll let me pass.


Chicken pox scars

Post by face » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 9:41 am

Unless its your whole face covered with chicken pox scars, I don't think they will be any disadvantage having one or two.


Re: SIA Interview

Post by JustMe » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:01 am

stewardwannabe wrote:Anyone here knows if there is another recruitment for stewards coming up ? If not, when will the next one be ?
Usually it's once a year... probably around same time next year..


Re: Hi

Post by Keisha » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:46 pm

Delirious wrote:Hi! Do you think chicken pox scars on the forehead is allowed? It can actually be covered by fringe but i'm not very sure if they'll let me pass.
it would be really ridiculous for anyone not to have even a single scar or pigmentation spot, etc right? try using a good concealer, foundation and pressesd powder to cover them. it works wonder.


Re: Chicken pox scars

Post by Keisha » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:47 pm

face wrote:Unless its your whole face covered with chicken pox scars, I don't think they will be any disadvantage having one or two.
yeah, i agree.. guess it shouldn't be very obvious also...



Post by Keisha » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:49 pm


what about small moles (not those protruding types or those with hair growing out of them!) on the face and hands? what about birthmarks?

any idea? :)


Post by Keisha » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 12:50 pm

any good ways to hide or conceal scars, pigmentation, birthmarks and moles?


Hi again

Post by Delirious » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 2:52 pm

:) Thank you for your replies.

What about scars on my hands. I got cut when i was younger and it's pretty obvious. I'm finding out ways to lighten/ get rid of it. (its on the lower arms so the kebaya's not going to cover it)

Ideas anyone?


Post by Wintery » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 3:12 pm

ADEL wrote:I'm actually an ex-SIA Gals. It will still sepends on the judges whether they like you or not. Like me, I'm on the plump side, 1.61m weighing at 58kg but considered myself quite sweet looking that I manage to get in only one attempt. I quit after flying for 3 years. It's true that this is not so glamorous but humiliating job. During my 3 years stay, jealousy fight was common among female crew. They will find faults with you if you're better than them, make things difficult for you etc..... Now I'm a young mother of 2, do not encourage you all to fly for long term, SIA is just a stepping stone B4 you proceed another step higher.....
Hi, I have to agree with Adel abt the short-term career in SQ as a cabin crew. I graduated from STC many years back, but tendered my resignation without even going to my 1st solo flight. Reason being, i was too intimidated by my SNY flights...the team was unfriendly, the LSS actually wanted my buddy and me to introduce ourselves to each and every team member and remember their names! Once crew even scolded me coz I dun remember her name... I would advise those who is keen to fly, to have some working experience b4 embarking on a flying career. That is to prepare u for the "zapping" or politics in SQ. I was too "green" as that was my 1st job...duno how to handle the situations...

Looking back, i did regret somehow...but even if i am still in SQ, i would only fly for a few years and resign. I feel that it is not a long-term career for women, especially if u wana settle down and have kids. My sis had to resign when she was pregnant...obviously there is no ground jobs for pregnant crew! After giving birth she resume flying as a flying mother (after 2 mths of training)..But ask yourselves gals: How many times are you going to resign when pregnant and go back flying?? You won't have any income during the 1 year (being pregnant and confinement), whereas working in a ground job entitles u to maternity benefits. You kids will need your attention and care when they grow up too; surely u'll wana be there for them whenever they need u..?Trust me, husbands would prefer their wives to hold a ground job once they're married. My sis is currently searching for one now, for the benefit of their kid. They can't afford to have both husband and wife flying and not being around with their kid most of the time. My bf is a tech crew with SQ; some of his colleagues have gfs who are crew...and the ironical thing is, these gals actually are tired of flying and wana resign after married! I suppose flying become more of a mundane task after many many years...u've been to almost all the countries in the world countless times, whats new? The rest period overseas are not as "attractive" as before, abt far can u travel to sightsee then?

As for the men who are eager to be flight stewards... well, ask urself if u are willing to work in the galley most of the time, heating meals, serving drinks...Prospects for males are not as great, as their promotions are much slower. My batch boys are still FS after 7 years of flying!

As for those eager to try out JAL, they're stricter than SQ in training. No coloured hair, must always be in office attire (with jackets) and covered shoes. Must bow to instructors whenever u see them. Can't wear perfume at work (as some pax dun like scents)..blah blah... Training will be abt 2 mths in Singapore, and 2 mths in Tokyo (aircraft training). Have to wake up very early everyday to travel to training centre. There is no bond when u train in Singapore, but once in Tokyo, there'll be a bond of 6mths (during my time). If u break the bond, will have to pay $2000. A few of my batch gals broke their bond after 2 mths of flying.

Lastly, being a cabin crew may look glamourous on the outside, but it's not as easy a job as you gals think. Tough pushing the meal carts, getting backache, attending to demanding passengers and the politics. Of course, some crew are really nice, and one get to travel places and experience many cultures. Most cabin crew who stayed on because they've been in this line for many years...the entry level at those times were 'N' and 'O' Levels. If they were to come out of SQ, what kind of jobs can they do? Are they willing to take up jobs with a mere salary of $1500? I doubt so..if i were them, i'd stay on too. It's a quote from my brother-in-law who is a "victim" in this aspect.

So people, do make full use of your degrees/ diplomas in other aspects ya? Build up a career thats long-lasting... flying is just a phrase of one's life. Gain the experience and move on.....

Good luck to u all.... :D


Post by Guest » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 5:54 pm

can someone comment on singapore employment law with regards to being discriminated because you have moles, scars, sexuality, catwalk failure - etc.

i think employment law sucks in singapore.

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Post by liquidrebecca » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:14 pm

Sgirl wrote:HI, thx btw :) :oops:

ermm.. i don't know wether i'm sure about the age, but last time my friend told me that u need to be in a range of 20-26.

The kebaya test is not the end of interview, but there is one more step in the tea party where you have to show them that u can work in a group and have a nice personality and mostly 90% u are accepted but watch out there still 10% possibility :twisted: .

They will ask u to swim but i think as long as u can swim with the safety to the shore then it should be fine. :P

Mandy, i don't know what nationality u are, but i heard they will open another interview on april for indonesian and for malaysian and singapore pr and citizen, u can just go to the and check the web as they offer the job now .

hope this helps :)
Hi Sgirl,

am newbie week am ginvited for the SIA interview...but quite nervous....I need some advices and hints from u....cause am not very sure to go or give up....cause I do have a birthmark on my kneees,just wondering do they accept this? and my height is around 1.57m...does all this disqualified? anyone pls help....thx a lot...

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Re: Confident

Post by liquidrebecca » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:28 pm

shoegal wrote:Hi everybody,
I'm flying with SIA currently. Just want to share my view of the interview with u girls or guys.
SIA use to have walk in interview but i think because too many applicants so is not easy for them to interview everybody within that few hours.
I feel that it really doesn't matter what u say or how u look (shirt, pants, mini skirt) during the interview. Is more on how u behave, example: how u stand or sit, how u smile, when others are talking how u react......etc. They prefer people who got confident but not over confident. They will never know how good is your english or how good is your customer service in less then a min. They just want to see the overall of u and the rest they believe they can train u to be one.
If they didn't shortlist u, doesn't mean u are not up to standard. Just that this time round they got better choice. TRY AGAIN another time. U will not lose anything.
ALL the BEST to you girls and guys..
Hi shoegal,

am newbie invited to SIAinterview....would u mind to give me any advices? do they do a ny height measurement for the shortlisted one?
and is it having a tattos is an affect? pls help...thx a lot...


Post by Clarie » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:52 pm

Hi, to all stewards N stewardess, may i know how many rounds of interviews are there and what are the topic for all the interviews? Is there any tips that will helps us get through all interviews? Please Advise. Thank you.


Re: Confident

Post by reverie » Thu, 28 Apr 2005 11:52 pm

liquidrebecca wrote:
Hi shoegal,

am newbie invited to SIAinterview....would u mind to give me any advices? do they do a ny height measurement for the shortlisted one?
and is it having a tattos is an affect? pls help...thx a lot...

hey liquid

the height limit is 1.58m, heard they do a height measurement before everything. Tattoo and birthmark, you've seen the SIA kebaya right? As long as it covers the marks you're fine.

IN CASE you don't know, the skirt is long.

Since you've been shortlisted you might as well give it a shot. However your height may be a problem, but who knows. May just scrap past.

Whether to decide to turn up or not, good luck! :)

What time is your interview anyway? Mine is also next week.

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