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ah miao

Re: Bond

Post by ah miao » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 4:36 am

Jamie wrote:Hey ah miao, thx for ur reply..

Btw, I thought the training bond was 1.5yrs and the actual contract was 5 yrs?!! What about other airlines like JAL? How are they different from SIA?
hi jamie,

the bond is inclusive of the 4 mths training, thus 22 mths. 22 mths bond, that's what i wrote down. u didn't ask about the contract the other time round.

contract is 5years, but after serving the 22 mths bond, u can choose to continue your 5 years contract or discontinue after your bonds ends.

as for JAL, i am not sure about the requirements and system. all i know is that u need to have flawless skin, no scars at all. your skin need to be flawless too. and age is better to be under 26.

hope that helps! :wink:


Post by Danielle » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 9:00 am

To Confused,
may i know when did u attend the interview?
could u please tell me about the interview? how many rounds of interview?
thank you.


Post by guy1 » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 7:18 pm

Abt round 1..... the group interview..... how long is a person given for the self intro.....



Post by Guest » Wed, 20 Apr 2005 9:08 pm

Hi... ah miao--- when you mentioned flawlwss skin for JAL, is it only for face or body? Cos i'm going for the final interview on this Sunday and they wanted us to bring a long a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap tank top. so I'm really scared that the scars I have on my legs will make me rejected.

Any one know anything about JAL final interview also??


Post by Leto » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 12:51 am

i'm really quite surprised abt what was said by some of the flying crew here.. and i dont really understand why u need to demoralise those who have ambitions to fly with us. as we all know, some girls had dreamt to be stewardesses since they were little kids.. so why not just be nice and give them pointers on how they should go about going thru the interviews, rather than whining and complaining abt how badly the job had been for you.

never bite the hands that feeds you. as it is, i think the job had given most of us more than we can dream of, in terms of places we had been to, and i think for fresh graduates, u will earn more in comparison to your peers in college. but of course there's a downside of experience if ur next line of work is not gonna be in customer service.

if u really hate the job, why not just quit? if u cant quit coz of the bond, dont u think that u are too new to even understand how the airline culture works?

some of the new girls will think that the seniors backstab or gossip about them. try to reflect back on the mistakes that u make on that particular s sector. dont u think we have the rights to warn each other about things that u have done?

i dont think we should wash our dirty linen in public. the job had been gracious to most of us in the airline. there are bound to be problems and friction in any jobs, more so if it is as diversified and as huge as our department, with so many races and nationalities and age.

if u can whine so much in this job, i shudder to think of how u are gonna perform in ur next line of work. just be matured and take it as it is. if u think u had been sexually assaulted or insulted, why not make a police report? there are providents given by the company and they will back u up on those issues, and i am sure u had been informed abt it.

be an adult and take ur responsibilities as it is. if u dont like it, quit. no one is forcing u to stay. and it will give the hopefuls here more chances of getting in, once we let go of those who hates the job.

and yes, we do clean the toilets. we clean up after the passengers throw up. we endure verbal abuses and we think that u guys are always right.

we bring ourselves lower than our passengers to ensure that they have as close to the perfect flying experience as we could give. and yes, we do appreciate u guys accumulating ur krisflyer points.

if u think u cant be humble enough to go thru the job, look elsewhere in places and line of work that u dont need to go thru all these.


Post by Leto » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 1:18 am

confused wrote:hi i'm a new recruit for sia, havent decide whether i will join or not, although my work permit has been approved. heard a lot about the politics, backstabbing, and racisism that exists.
could anyone give me any explanation regarding this issue?

is it true that the roster might be influenced on your manners otr attitude to the seniors, if you got backstabbed somehow, you may not be able to defend yourself, rite? i mean, does the ground staff who take care of the roster can be influenced by what the seniors had to say?

thx a lot..
we have a Rostering department and a Planning department. they dont know u personally, and u are just a personnel number to them. they assign flights according to the team roster, and according to other reasons, such as ur previous flight, ur minimum rest, ur leave, the crew complement, etc. we have about 6000 cabin crew. i dont think anyone have the time to bother abt individual crew roster. our salary/allowances are balanced up according to a yearly average to make it fair for all. if u think that ur roster had been unfairly planned, bring ur roster to the office or the union.

if u are corrected during the flight, try to clarify the issue when the time is proper. if u are alienated in the team, try to consult the person u can talk to in the team and find out what is the issue that makes them stay away from u. if u cant communicate with all the remaining team members, doesnt it say something about u?

about racism.. i'm an indian, and i am a muslim. and i dont feel that i had been treated unfairly by the majority chinese crew. i had been bypassed thru 2 promotional interviews coz of a flight that i missed. it doesnt make me feel demoralised to see my juniors being promoted. it was my fault anyway. there's always a bright side to things.

i started flying when things were much worse, aircrafts were not as "user-friendly" as it is now, and zapping was a culture. i got chased out of the galleys, seen things being thrown at some crew, and all. we all got out of that phase of being a "junior" and start to enjoy the flights as the years progressed. zapping dont exist anymore coz we dont believe it in.

if u have problems while starting ur new job, email me at [email protected]. i'll try to help u out in the capacity that i can or introduce u to our crew friends who will be able to do the same.

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Post by joannetyn » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 10:47 am

thanks to Leto for giving us so much information.

i have a question here. i have a visible mole on my right cheek. normal size... does this matter? thanks


Post by Leto » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:34 am

As long as U have confidence in yourself...and as long as you still look good...and U dont think that the moel affects your apperance, then it wont... i dont think they will mind...


Post by Icy » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:46 am

Leto....... U are all crap!!!!!

So what if someday one is promoted to being a Leading Stewardess or even Chief Stewardess... so what... how old can you work until.... by then time you are 30, they would want you anymore!!

Even if you are a Chief Stewardess by then , you still have to leave SIA... find a ground job... and start everything again... from very low pay...

After earning so much for the past yearsss, do you think you can get use to a $1200 or so job.... and you dun have any experience as a Stewardess other than serve server and serve.... what other job prospects can you expect... do you think people will forge out high pay for someone who is already 30 and have no experience!

Hahahahaha! Better revise your stupid thinking!

I used to fly for SIA when you are still a little gal.... dun talk crap here ok Leto! I know everything more than you do!


Post by Leto » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 11:49 am

those two were the last postings that i will put in here. anyway, the reply abt the mole did not come from me. and any further reply with this nick does not come from me.

for those who wish to email me or had emailed me but received minimal response, just a few things to note..

i dont really entertain questions from ppl with bad command of english and i dont entertain those ppl who questioned me without manners.

i'm not an information counter. i was just here to give pointers and help those who wish to ask, as much as i could. so dont question me like as if i HAVE to answer u like its my duty to do so.

and dont add me on msn until i had reply ur email.

if u think u have problems with the two issues that i mentioned, why not work on that before u even attempt to go thru the interviews.


Post by Icy » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 3:45 pm

Hi guys out there...

Saw Leto's latest reply posted out there! Haha.... Got you Leto!!

Ahem... That is what I meant by mean seniors in SIA.... Leto is already so mean here...looking down on people who dont speak or write good English... cannot stand people with no manners... so arrogant of not replying to you guys...asking you guys to work on your English & manners before going for interviews...

What these shows...... Leto is trying to tell you guys that.... ehy come's SIA, not everyone can get in easily ok....

Just join SIA and work with her...this typical kind of seniors... what attutide are you going to get from her or the group of them.... You all can imagine huh! I dont have to go any further....

She just dun wanna entertain those irritating juniors.... on one hand asking people to add her so that she can help the hopefuls to go through their interviews by giving advice and answering your questions...on the other hand say that she NEED NOT answer all your questions and she is not here to ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS!

Crap Leto.... you still have to choose people to help! What is this...haizzzzz..... in this might as well.... dont help! Write so many crap things...make people e-mail you hoping to get answers to their queries, and here you are complaining english bad or no manners...



I used to be a junior and kanna all these from my seniors as well! I know and I understand what you are up to!


Post by icyicy » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 3:54 pm

well.....icy i think different people have diferent views. If u think like that, then isn't celebraties the same. Many people want to be famous. To be a singer or actor. They act, they sing. other than that they did nothing. So what happen when they 40s or 50s. Not every one will become Andy lau or jacky cheung.

I think its the process of being famous for that period of time. Its the same for cabin crew. Its the process of travel around, meeting with people while they are young.


Post by gurl » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 4:13 pm

anyone know abt JAL minimum requirements n stuff?? interested in being a stewardess but can really find much inform abt JAL often do they recruit? hope i can get help here.. hee.. :wink: n congrats to all tt got the interview for sia!! :D


Post by Peeps » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 4:22 pm

gurl wrote:anyone know abt JAL minimum requirements n stuff?? interested in being a stewardess but can really find much inform abt JAL often do they recruit? hope i can get help here.. hee.. :wink: n congrats to all tt got the interview for sia!! :D
it's about the same like SIA. the latest recruitment ended on 31 March. so u gota wait for next round.


Post by gurl » Thu, 21 Apr 2005 4:36 pm

thanx so much!! hee.. :wink:

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