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Post by iwannefly » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 1:45 pm

purple.sara wrote:how i wish i can go for the 16march one...=( still under wishes to those going on 16 march...=)
hey gal.. i truly understand how u feel... becuz i went thru that 2 months ago... don try to break ur ban k?? becuz u might burn ur own bridge... =/
3 months seems very long and u gotta give up some opportunity like this coming 16th.. but don worry ... ur dream to fly will come thru after the ban.. so jia you.. try again ... don be dishearted... =D

i'm still clearing my ban too.. so wun be able to go for the 16th... =( so i definitely ur feeling..
Will not give up my dream to fly!! =D
I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward

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Post by nafnaf » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 2:33 pm

superpinkystar wrote:don't get dishearted guys!
i got in on my 10th attempt.
sometimes its hard to not get disheartened...i personally tried for close to 20 times and twice I made it to the round which is just before the management rd but up till today still no luck of getting in...I wont say im ugly or fat and I do have the qualifications required just wonder what is wrong...its sad sometimes to see that people who dont really want the job as much getting it whereas others here are trying so hard maybe SIA should just open their eyes and go for those who really want this job so much and will stay on long and maybe this will cut down on their high turnover rate :)

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Post by endlessx » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 2:40 pm

Yea i'm waiting too... hopefully june there's an intake...
Haiz 3 months... :-|

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Post by elyn3ve » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 3:49 pm

intoxicating wrote:hi higgledy
thanks for your reply.. u really ans my query.. i was so afraid that i couldn't try SIA even thou i got a private diploma. that's hope for mi!! :D hmm so did u manage to get in or still trying to get in? i wonder does all SIA gal all slim n petite or some tall and big frame.. dunno whether 170cm,60kg can pass anot.. i got a fren who is ard 162cm,58kg oso got into kebaya round. haiz my dreams are still so far away :(
really? got in at the height of 162cm at 58kg?

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Post by divine_genie » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 4:43 pm

finally got the call! \:D/

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Post by purple.sara » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 4:58 pm

iwannefly...the wait is killing but i'm sure our next attempt will have better n great news...lets work hard for it...jia you :D we've to stay positive now..and...wait.,..hmmm

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Post by jiakel » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 5:45 pm

divine_genie wrote:finally got the call! \:D/
congrats genie!! so when are you starting and going down to sign the bond?

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Post by superpinkystar » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 5:51 pm

i am still waiting for the letter to be sent to my place.
it's been a week since Mary called to tell me that i start in April.
getting a bit worried.

anybody also waiting for the letter to be sent to their place?
*smile always

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Post by Sokeai » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 6:23 pm

superpinkystar wrote:i am still waiting for the letter to be sent to my place.
it's been a week since Mary called to tell me that i start in April.
getting a bit worried.

anybody also waiting for the letter to be sent to their place?
It usually takes some time for the letters to arrive, perhaps 2 weeks +/-. If by then, you still have not receive them, give Mary a call.
Hello there!

Choco K.
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Post by Choco K. » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 6:32 pm

Hi... Anyone knows how long they take to get back to you after ur medical checks?

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Post by jiakel » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 6:33 pm

Choco K. wrote:Hi... Anyone knows how long they take to get back to you after ur medical checks?
hey i went for my med last tue.. got a call on wed.. so about a week or so? but depends on when you can start.. cos they will call those who can start immediately first

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Post by crystalheart » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 8:01 pm

Choco K. wrote:Hi... Anyone knows how long they take to get back to you after ur medical checks?
I know of a guy whom SIA did not call 2 months after his medical. When he finally enquired,SIA told him he had failed. He went to consult his own doctor in M'sia and sent his medical report to SIA but still he could not get the flight steward job. :mad:

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Post by galaxy3006 » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:06 pm

may i ask if one-two mth of working part-time fit the the criteria of hving 5 GCE-O lvl with working exp?i mean will they consider it as a working exp since it is juz short-term?

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Post by missy_ee » Fri, 07 Mar 2008 11:40 pm

I had passed my medical, starting on 24 Mar...anyone starting on that day too?

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Post by misshoong » Sat, 08 Mar 2008 12:57 am

Hi guys and babes,

i went for the 24th feb interview and stumbled upon this forum about 4 days before my mgmt round which was scheduled several days later. It's helped me greatly, and i just wanna do my part and contribute back.

This post is for the benefit of the cluless like me who didn't/ don't know that more info on mgmt round can be found on page 980. Anyway here's my experience, it's kinda similar to everyone else's, though i think they tend to tailor questions according to what u r doing/working as etc:

1st round, group interview- introduce yourself and why u wanna join sia as a flight stewardess. Try to speak up more here, as u r talking about yourself, and you know yourself best. The first person tends to set the tone and pace so do be wary if he/she says only one or two lines, do not follow her/him! Do not be afraid to say more more more.. Generally it's safe to say that u enjoy customer service and quote relevant experience if any.
My group's passing rate was about 8/10. First speaker was wonderful.

2nd round, kebaya test- AH! Before u can try on kebaya, must take height and weight. HENCE, DO NOT CHEAT YOUR WEIGHT ON THE APPLICATION FORM! As long as u look healthy, weight doesn't matter right? Rather than cheat and it be seen as lacking integrity, please don't jeopardise your chances babes =) Try to grab a set from someone who's done with hers and is about your size. When walking, stand tall and smile, just walk normally, not too clumsily though u may be nervous.

After kebaya test, i was asked to go to the two huge spotlights. Few ppl were asked to go though, not sure why. Person checked my wrists and checked my skin, ask me tilt my head left right left right several times which i don't understand why cos i don't have any blemishes or scars. Still, no harm smiling at her.
Passing rate- damn low, only about 2/10 for my group of 10 (including me)

3rd round, 1-1 interview-> My interviewer was kinda stern. Pay attention to what she asks. My questions were-
1) U have a degree, what would your parents say to you joining as cabin crew? We have a lot of cases where uni grads apply for the job then turn us down ultimately. Do they know u r here today?

Ans: (well, honesty is the best policy) Frankly, my parents do not know im here today. I anticipate initial resistance hence I've decided to try out first and see if i make the cut anyway, before deciding if i have to/ it's worth telling them as it will need lots of persuasion. Generally, my parents are very supportive of everything i do, and i do not foresee any difficulties regarding this issue-->(though not entirely true, u have to give interviewer confidence that u will not pang seh them). Regarding why i want to join, it's been my dream since i was 12, which is almost a good ten years back. Now that I'm older, my dream has become closer to reality and im eager to pursue it now and accomplish one of my goals in life.

2) How long do u plan to stay with us? I'm sure u can get better jobs with higher pay.
Ans: I will stay on as long as SIA would employ me and as long as we are happy with each other. This job is like no other and since it's been my childhood dream, the pay is really secondary.

3) Where do u see yourself five years down the road?
Ans: (this must be some trick question, i just told her i would stay as long as sia would hire me, else she wasn't paying attention) Hopefully, with due diligence, a leading stewardess, and also still looking forward to turn up for work everyday

4) some questions about family, what they do

5) read passage. doubt she was listening

No scenario questions for me for 1-1 round.

4th round, management interview ( 29th feb cos they didn't have time to interview on 24th). HENCE, DO GO AT 9am SHARP ON WALK-IN INTERVIEW DAY TO BEAT THE QUEUE. We're singaporeans right? kiasu a bit, it will save u a lot of waiting time.
Anyway, this was the interview with the weirdest questions. MGMT:
Q1) Tell us more about yourself.
Ans: intro + mention why u applied for the job

Q2) Again, they asked why i am keen on the job, since i have a degree, how long i would stay, whether my parents know, what my parents would say.
ANs: Just told them the same thing. Parents r supportive. One of them laughed when i said my parents dunno, and kidded that i wasn't really lying cos my parents didn't explicitly ask me if im gg sia interview and i didn't say "no" in their face, which would have considered real lying.

They asked how i would persuade them, what i would do if they don't let me join. I said it's quite unlikely but if it does happen i ll rope in my bro's help cos they listen to my bro cos he's older, his words have more weight blah blah esp since they tend to think i don't know what im getting into cos im the youngest and blah. They seemed satisfied.

Q3) Do u get gastric pains or stomach disorders if u don't eat regular meals? Ans: no, i never eat regular meals, and haven been for several years now. Sometimes lessons span across lunchtime and i barely get a bite. Dinner is at 9pm some days and 5pm some days, not a prob for me.

Q4) What type of food do u normally eat?
Ans: (huh.) Noodles?
Q: cup noodles?
Ans: NOOO, noodles from the mixed rice stall, plus my favourite vegetables. (They looked pleased. i wasn't lying abt this one though)

Q5) How domesticated are you? (shock to me)
Ans: help my mom iron one week's worth of clothes every saturday, sweep and mop every week, wash toilet, dishes every night.

Q6) Asked whether i'm prepared to face the risk of heightened avaition risk.
Ans: yes it would be part of my job. I'm applying for this position well aware of the risks. With widespread terrorism, it's not just the aviation industry at risk but also all other walks of life, but it doesn't mean that we should succumb to such possibilities and let fear overwhelm us since dangers exist e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Q6) Sorry friends, mgmt interview was quite relaxing, can't rem what else they asked. However, still no scenario questions this round.

Passed, went medical straight after that (29th feb). ( Do not park at stupid paragon, i almost shot through the roof when the machine gulped $9 outta my cashcard for a mere 2+ hours.)
Try to stand comfortably at the x-ray station though the radiologist might contort u in a w-e-i-r-d pose. I thought my spine might have formed a super curvy C man.

Surprisingly, passed medical. Got a call today morning ( 7 Mar), exactly a week after the medical. I had put 3 months for my notice period though. They asked me if i could start mid-may, earlier than i had planned.

They will send u a letter ah?? How long later will u receive it? I have to collect it before my parents do!

Thanks all folks, hope my experience may be of some help, good luck for those trying on 16th =)


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