The Great Singapore sale- Your take

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Post by x9200 » Mon, 31 May 2010 7:20 am

EADG wrote:I haven't shopped in HK in a long while but I'd heard it was cheaper than here.
And this is what many if not majority of Singaporean travel for as the tourists. Know somebody who is back recently from Australia, Korea HK? Ask what he/she have seen there. Typically it starts with shopping malls. Often is limited to :-| Now a question: is it because the shopping in Singapore is like you described (the g'ment thing) or is it rather a cultural thing? I would say the later.

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Post by intellectualsmuse » Mon, 31 May 2010 10:09 pm

EADG wrote:Yeah that's the thing - there is always a sale saying "$$% off'. The question is 'off what'?

Like Koalabear says, things they put on sale here are more expensive when not on sale elsewhere. Yes you can get some cheap things cheap here, but not for a lot of things. And a lot of sales are pushing out old stock, like these PC and Electronics shows.

Who ever said Singapore was cheap? I would ask, 'compared to what'?

I haven't shopped in HK in a long while but I'd heard it was cheaper than here.
Well, right now its cheaper than what it usually is and I don't see any harm in shopping around a bit. Agreed, there's a 100 other countries cheaper than Singapore, but you can't always be flying out of the country for a "Retail fix".

Was just trying to find out if there's any good deals (and good being a relative term is currently limited to the territory of SG) that people think are worthwhile or just if anyone wants to share their shopping experience!
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