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Planning a good Dinner and Dance

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Planning a good Dinner and Dance

Postby louy » Mon, 24 May 2010 10:27 pm

Hello Guys,

This is probably in the wrong section but I need your help and so posting it here.

The company has decided to ask me to organise this years Dinner and Dance, for 400 people (70% females, age from 18 to 60 with the average age about 34). The function will be at a hotel from 6PM to Midnight.

I know nothing about what to organise and need some good ideas of what to do.

I decided to scrap the boring pre-dinner booths of entertainment which usually consists of make-up booths, or photo shoots printed on fridge magnets. These things only created Q of people standing around for something they dont really want. All the events company I spoke too proposed the same dull set up.

I have replaced that with a Disco with lights, smoke, colours and disco floor etc. And increased the alcohol budget.

I had planned to scrap the MC entertainment as last year all 400 staff were forced to sit through 3 hours of someone pretending to be funny. I wanted to replace this with a 'Idol' style competition as my team told me the Singapore staff love this and would all love to jump on stage and sing. That would be the main event during the meal. Turns out, no one wants to get on stage and now I have no main event.

Any ideas people ?? :???:

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Postby Girl_Next_Door » Tue, 25 May 2010 8:06 am

My company once organized a "pre-gambling" session before the official dinner & dance. Its not gambling with real money but all staff are given about 10 chips to place bets. There are obviously a few tables for staff to try their luck, etc.

The chips that are won, are later used to bid for some gifts/presents/prizes.

Since most Singaporeans have to pay $100 to get to the new IR, this might be interesting to them?

Just a suggestion.

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