Help regarding S pass application in Singapore

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Help regarding S pass application in Singapore

Post by Karthickwhitey » Fri, 21 May 2010 9:29 pm

Hy..tis is Karthick..I have graduated my MBA frm James cook university, Singapore last Mar..I have already done one masters Master of computer application (MCA) and have one year work exp in IT field as soft Eng..recently I got an offer frm a priv company here in Singapore as RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT..and my employer had applied for my S pass with my MCA qualification and not with my MBA..I was told since I dint have my MBA degree in hand despite having the course completion certificate they have applied with my previous now MOM has asked me to sit down for an aptitude test by which my S pass approval will be evaluated..I really found this peculiar since I had two MASTER DEGREES and one yr work exp and stil I dint meet the S Pass criteria whereas my classmates who have applied with MBA qualification have got d pass within half a day..This is taking such a long time and also I am involving in high risk since there is no RETEST for that aptitude exam..

so can u plzz any one suggest a better solution for my problem..whtr if my employer updates my MBA degree and living exp of 1 year in Singapore can eliminate the aptitude test and get me the pass..?? if so then how do we have to UPDATE..?? wat is d actual procedure for it..

and another thing, my FIN number in the HALL TICKET AND IN THE REPLY LETTER SENT BY MOM is different..its not it bcos MOM had given me a temporary FIN numb for my test r will there be any major mistake involved with my FIN and hence all these problems..?? I am worried seriously..pllzzzz guide me and help me out frnds..Thank you....

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