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Transfer of Pensions from EU to Sg

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Transfer of Pensions from EU to Sg

Post by rajumatix » Mon, 17 May 2010 5:48 pm

Hi All,

I think this question was briefly covered in

However i dont see an answer / enough examples, so raising it again..

Has anyone, especially from the EU, after moving to Sg (Intra or Inter company transfers or otherwise) been successful in transferring their pensions over?

I was told that my contributions into a fund during my brief stay in the EU will not be refunded in cash, however if my company in Sg has a pension fund, they will consider transferring the contributions into the fund instead.

For starters, i dont think any of the companies here have a separate fund, except for the CPF? (I may be wrong here..)

The other option for me is, to try and live until 50..then go to the EU and collect my contribution. Well, (at the risk of angry looks from the EU people) - the trip to EU after 15 odd years might be worth it - since SGD will be stronger to the Euro, like 2-1 (the current trend continuing!) :D
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