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Post by ksl » Tue, 11 May 2010 7:29 pm

Plavt wrote:
ksl wrote:Poor plavt i'm talking of credit history between the people he knows!
Well apart from the fact you never said that your further statement is no help either do you think people are going to know other people he has dealings with? I can assure if he has borrowed from Mr V. Mr V will not know other people he has 'swung it' on.
Either way if you would like to see how they collect their debts in the North west of UK, then I am sure they will oblige you, all you have to do is ask around were to loan some cash.
Why do you have to persistently rant about the UK? You are not here any longer and haven't been for a number of years. However, if collecting by violent means is not the answer; most likely he has been threatened before if people can actually find him. He isn't some small time half-wit like those you refer to. :roll:
Actually I am in the UK more than i would like to be at least 1 time a year used to be 2, though i am surprised I forgot to inform you! Big Brother comes to mind here.

I heard that you need to inform every office before you take a holiday while on welfare including the housing benefit office.
You lack the experience and knowledge I'm afraid and that's why i have a rant now and then.
You wouldn't believe how difficult it was to move my wife and child to my own Country, that I gave up and chose Singapore. I moved from DK to UK to bring my wife but because of my situation of just arriving with no work, my wife and daughter wasn't allowed in only on holiday, I was there a year before i finally decided it was a big mistake.

Your cage is easy rattled and i wonder why, why don't you open up and tell the truth, have you served your Country! Why are you so rattled on peoples opinions, it's either good or bad. You being the patriotic knight I'd like to hear what is so good about the UK? It is my country of birth, I spent 10 years has a pro serving my country, and the government have poisoned me with penthrane authorised from parliament. I had liver damage at 30 years of age because of it, with deteriorating health problem, for the last 30 years. So Abbot Pharmacies and those involved could make millions of pounds on a nerve agent used in anesthesia. In the gas chamber I breathed in 100 ppm when according to FDA the safe limit for humans was 5 ppm, under the pretence they was testing filters on the gas masks, and the solution used was harmless. I was informed by police in 2000 after the Porton Down Investigations had discovered the documentation which i now have in hard copy, this experiment was done in 1975.

Though not used has anesthesia at the time but in its raw form of nerve agent, it has to be mixed for anesthesia, so one wasn't aware of any side effects until yeas later

You want to discuss corruption in government and backhanders at the expense of soldiers lives, 4000 in fact from 1952 to 1989 have been systematically abused by MOD and the porton down scientists.

What gives you Plavt the right to question my opinions or rants! Your patriotic stance doesn't do it old boy, lets have your humble opinion on why the UK is so good?

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Post by Plavt » Tue, 11 May 2010 7:57 pm

What is this ksl? None of what you have written has anything what to with the title of the thread. You accused me of quizzing your personal life yet as usual are posting everything about yourself!

We are not discussing what is good or bad about the UK, benefits or whether, as you keep telling everybody, you served your country. Please stick to the topic at hand.

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