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Help with TV, Ipod, Xbox, Wii and all my UK electrics

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Help with TV, Ipod, Xbox, Wii and all my UK electrics

Post by HotMrH » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 5:51 am

POsted this in electronics but think its better in here:
Hi X-Pats,
I have trauled the site and cant quite find the asnwer I am looking for so I hope you guys can help?
I am moving to Singapore in August and get to ship a couple of cases of stuff over for free so was hoping that I could bring my UK TV, Ipod, Xbox and Wii to fill my new apartment.
They all work on the English plug and voltage but wanted to check they would actually work over in Singapore or if ther eis any problem in shipping them over i.e excess duty to pay when they arrive in my crates??
Hope you guys can help shed some light on for me.
also been loking at starhub website, getting abit confused is it best to get boradband, mobile, tv and landline all form same company and paying around $200 a month about right??

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Post by februus » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 9:58 am

I hope most of it will work, because I have a container of the stuff on its way over now. As I understand it its the same plug and voltage, but for televisions/dvd players etc there will be frequency compatibility issues meaning that you have to get cable and can't rely on any terrestrial services, as well as regional dvd compatibility issues.

Thats the advice that I was given by the relocators. In about 3 weeks I will find out for sure!

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Post by OogieBoogie » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:23 am

check what kind of standard your TV is working with (Pal? Secam? NTSC?) If I'm not mistaken, Singapore is PAL. It's pretty difficult and expensive to tranform a signal from standard to another, so better leave your TV in UK if the standard is not good. You will have more urgent stuff to do that find a way to transform your TV to a PAL system. I had the problem with a NTSC TV i've bring from Japan. After of scattered search, and procrastinating, i just bought a new one here, but multi system, so my local and Japan appliance work perfectly.

For the DVD, don't bother to bring it, as it will probably only work with your UK zoned DVD... Just buy one when you'll be there. You can get a Samsung HDMI DVD player multi zone for less than 100SGD.

The WII is not really a problem, you can remove the zone lock, just check the net, you'll find a way that involve a 2Go SD card.

No idea for XBOX, I'm a PS3 guy :)

Ipod, well, as long as you have a PC to plug it, you can charge it. Besides, you can always buy a local plug at any store who sell Apple appliances.

You don't need to pay Tax on your stuff, as long as you bought them more than 3 months ago. For my personal case, I didn't have to bring any proof, I just ticked the correct box on the custom paper the moving company provided me.
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Post by carteki » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 10:25 am

You shouldn't have any problems with your electronic's in Singapore. From sometime this year all broadcasting will change to digital - that may affect your tv. If your dvd player is region locked to UK/Europe then you will have a problem playing most of the dvd's purchased here (as they have a different region code). Don't worry - just wonder through the internet and you will find the steps to set your dvd to region-free (don't bother with any of the paid sites - the free info is there if you look hard enough)

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Post by ksl » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 11:05 am

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