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Relocation to Singapore - Television, Wii and XBox

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Relocation to Singapore - Television, Wii and XBox

Post by HotMrH » Wed, 21 Apr 2010 4:12 am

Hi X-Pats,
I have trauled the site and cant quite find the asnwer I am looking for so I hope you guys can help?
I am moving to Singapore in August and get to ship a couple of cases of stuff over for free so was hoping that I could bring my UK TV, Ipod, Xbox and Wii to fill my new apartment.
They all work on the English plug and voltage but wanted to check they would actually work over in Singapore or if ther eis any problem in shipping them over i.e excess duty to pay when they arrive in my crates??
Hope you guys can help shed some light on for me.

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Post by rajumatix » Thu, 22 Apr 2010 6:36 pm


As far as am aware, UK/Irish plugpoints are similar to the ones in Sg, so should work.

I've just shipped stuff across. Shipment includes TV and a small music system and their T&C's say that you just have to prove that all the items you are shipping across are 'personal effects' - to quote the 'declaration' form they send you to sign -

- I am the owner of the articles and effects imported and these have been in my possession and use for a period of not less than three months
- I also undertake not to dispose of the used household articles and personal effects within three months from the date of importation

This declaration is for the customs people in Sg, to ensure no GST is charged, or if charged, can be claimed back. The only caveat is - i have just shipped them across - fingers crossed i wont have any issues with Sg customs etc.

Insurance however on those items is a different matter altogether (in case you want to insure them)
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got receipts?

Post by Levikane » Mon, 14 Jun 2010 10:22 pm

technologically - no problem. In fact, you can also avoid the whole plug converter problem as your sockets and power supply are same as the UK.

As for importation, you wont have any worries. If you also have receipts to prove you have owned the good for more than 3 mo, you can also avoid any GST (if this even comes up as an issue) you should be fine. I actually imported all the things you mention with my own shipment and they were never even asked about.

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