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Postby daytripper65 » Mon, 19 Apr 2010 1:29 pm


We have two (overly affectionate) cats that we paid a lot of money to ship here, but are now having problems. The management at our last condo said they received complaints from neighbors about the cats roaming around, and apparently one was setting off somebody's alarm system by walking across their balcony. We were told to keep them in, which proved impossible.

We lived on high anxiety with doors and windows closed for 9 months, but every so often we'd have a delivery, or one of the kids answered the door, and out flew the cat. One day, one went missing for nearly a week, and finally turned up looking emaciated with a broken tail. I don't know what happened to her.

We moved. A neighbor came on day 3 to complain that one of the cats was nosing around her terrace trying to get in. This time, we were extra careful in choosing a pet-friendly place- there are several people here with dogs (many large sized ones who bark. A lot.) Cats too- all roaming around. It's not feasible to keep doors closed here.

Another problem is the cats are scratching up the leather furniture that we are leasing, in spite of having, and using, a big scratching post. Anti-cat claw spray is not working either. They've also ruined the brand spanking new daycurtains that were just custom made within days of being hung. My husband is furious and wants to have them declawed. I don't believe in declawing, but can't deny they are an increasing nuisance. I'm expecting again and have a hard time keeping them out of the baby crib too (door won't shut tightly and landlord won't fix, so another expense hubby is growling about tacking on to the cats tab).

Honestly, I probably couldn't part with them in the end, though they are the source of a lot of tension in the home. We are also renting this time, so if they cause too much complaint, I'm afraid we may be faced with an ultimatum to get rid of them. The problem is, they are nearly four, and I wonder what the chances of even finding a loving home for them are here. I was browsing the pets board in the classifieds section, and there seems to be a significant number of stolen pets. Has anybody read or heard anything pertaining to this issue?

I can't bring myself to advertise them (yet). Anybody have similar problems with pets? How do you manage?
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Postby ksl » Mon, 19 Apr 2010 2:11 pm

CAT's are cats they have a mind of their own, I have one myself a stray from the days she was a kitten, they are very territorial and will fight any cat that tries to leave scent on her patch.

You cannot control cats, its very difficult... Your hubby sounds like he dislikes them.

You should have expected what they will do to furniture and the curtains its natural instinct at play for a cat.

I would suggest getting rid of the husband first to cure the problem :lol: Not literally of course..

Take them to the animal shelter if you want to get rid of them, though its a sad day when you give your kids away!

I've spent over 700$ on medical bills for mine, always getting into fights and losing by the look of here....but i also believe its wrong to lock her in the house, after all she is a cat more than a PET. Though we did have her spayed and she is part of the family and still pretty wild too, if she's seen her backside and doesn't like the colour of it :oops:

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