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iphone & bluetooth

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iphone & bluetooth

Post by Splatted » Sat, 17 Apr 2010 7:54 pm

Thinking of jumping on the iphone bandwagon...

Are there any models that have bluetooth capability?

I was wanting to buy the phone in Australia, but the website I was looking at doesn't mention bluetooth as a feature at all (even though it lists many other brand of phones with it).

edit: main purpose I want to use bluetooth for is file transfer profile (FTP)

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Post by teck21 » Mon, 19 Apr 2010 9:33 am

It's a great phone to use, but as far as I am aware, the bluetooth capability is extremely limited on the iphone (intentionally on Steve Job's part).

On a normal non-jailbroken phone, I am almost 100% certain that file transfers to/from via bluetooth on your iphone is limited to exchanges with other iPhones/iPod Touches, and even then, very restricted in what sort of data can be sent. I believe the default on every new iPhone is is that only music sharing is permitted. Certain apps available on the App store permit other types of files, but only to compatible (ie above mentioned) devices.

On a jailbroken phone, an app does exist that actually makes bluetooth functional on the iphone.

A jailbroken phone is one that is hacked using publicly available tools on the internet and freed from alot of the restrictions placed upon it by Apple. My own phone is jailbroken.

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Post by $Pripps » Mon, 19 Apr 2010 11:04 am

there is probably a newer model coming out this summer, probably a good idea to wait a bit longer since the current phone is based on 2007 technology...
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