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Anyone interested for a meetup sometime next week?

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Anyone interested for a meetup sometime next week?

Postby shihna » Fri, 26 Mar 2010 5:54 pm

27/f/Malaysian Chinese.

Most of my friends are the transient sort and some have gone home to their respective countries or move on to greener pastures. Others who are still here have settled down, married with kids, the whole shebang.

Looking to meet more friends for the usual coffee, eats, movies, live performances/shows, travel to nearby islands - just anything to fill the time on the weekends, and also to destress after work.

I'm a light weight, so I'm usually just nursing that one alcoholic drink for the whole night. Not being a good drinker seems to go against my favor at times :cry:

PM or leave yr email so that I contact you : Anyone looking to fill up some free time and meet up for drinks/eats/movies

Or just reply to this thread

I've been thinking of getting back into diving again, so me and a friend are thinking of going for a refresher course : anyone keen? Feel free to join us!

Edit : Due to some PMs I've received, this is NOT a date offer! Hopefully there will be enough people so we can meetup as a group.

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