talking about mandarin learning

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talking about mandarin learning

Post by nihao » Sun, 14 Mar 2010 11:54 pm

Dear friends: I heard some parents complained that mandarin is difficult language to learn. They want their children learn mandarin because they feel mandarin is very useful in future. But they hesitate whether there is a need to recruit Chinese tutor at home.I say "yes" and "as early as you can" My experience is that child should start mandarin learning at about 2.5yr which is the best age to absorb the information of Mandarin from teacher or environment. Though kids can't speak any but they are really good listener .
They got sense of listening mandarin. For example, I have been teaching a boy who is 2.5yr from western family. I planning the programme for the terms which means specific theme for every 3 months. I showed different materials prepared to him and we played together while there is chatting between us day and day. You cant believe how he response me when I chat with him? He always stare at me and show me a smiling face to convey he already understand me. What lovely boy, so smart boy. I really really impressed and touched every time. I like to share this with foreign parents who want their children to learn mandarin. "start early, trust our children,get good mandarin teacher to help yr child".

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