Looking for Psychiatrist

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Looking for Psychiatrist

Post by Yali80 » Sat, 27 Feb 2010 5:13 pm

Dear fellow expats,

I am in the unfortunate situation of having fallen prey to severe mental problems – I guess they would most likely be qualified as angst psychosis – which are only aggravating. Lately they have lead to an inability to focus on my work for as much as 4 hours a day. I have finally come to the conclusion that I can not go on any further without seeking medical help.

Since it is obvious that I will not just need counseling but also medication my question does not concern a psychologist but a psychiatrist (unless I am mistaken about their respective roles).

My health care does not cover such treatment. Therefore cost is also one issue to be taken into contemplation. I have about 1400 SGD a month of entirely freely disposable income. That said, I would like to cut down costs as I do not have any savings so far.

My questions:

1. Are there any psychiatrists outside the hospitals, as “independent”

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Post by mitlan » Sun, 28 Feb 2010 12:39 am

i am seeing dr lionel lim from novena medical for my violent tendency.

i would say he is better than another doctor i have seen.

its pointless to recommend you the other doctor but he is in Mount Elizabeth

my friend's at paragon medical is also not bad according to him. we benchmark our respective doctors to the one in mount e and we reached this consensus that it is pointless to see the one at mount e

so its either dr lionel lim or dr ang yong guan of paragon medical. dr ang used to be the head of psychiatry department of the singapore armed forces

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Post by SunWuKong » Sun, 28 Feb 2010 9:55 am

Trying not to come off too high brow here, but I've never been good at that.

Ever been drunk Yali? Would you ask the assistance of a psychiatrist to overcome the symptoms of that state.

Your current malaise is much more likely to be the result of some external influence and therefore something you can change all by yourself.

As a starting point I would suggest trying a detoxification diet before you reach for pills. Without pointing you too tightly in the direction I myself would take I'd also suggest you try authentic kimchi or sauerkraut for the benefits they both offer in this area.

Also try googling 'specific carbohydrate diet.'
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