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Postby miss-erable » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 11:48 pm


I was living for a year in Scotland before I relocated here few months ago. Not as it's my first time living abroad and met new people, and not that I couldnt adjust to Singapore style (I am Asian myself) - but somehow, for the first time, I feel kinda home-sick (Scotland-sick).. miss everything there: pals, accents, weather (yeah, those horrible weather), macaron bars, Pentlands.. anything.

Suppose it's just a domestic problem, but it gets worse and starts bit scary, with nitemare and such :oops:

Apart from other attempts like meeting new people, going out, being busy bee and so on.. I just wonder whether there are Scottish out there have pity on me to meet up and spend time together talking shy*e.. not expecting long evening talking bout how wonderful Wester Ross is.. :lol: just expecting bit reminiscence of Scottish accents and characters..

And before anybody blasts me, no, I dont expect any materials nor partner here. Have more than enough pals back there who flood me with Scottish paraphernalia.

I am single female on my early thirties. Like doing mixed stuffs depend on mood. Sometime go party till dawn, sometime just chill out with good pals, but dont expect me to be the chatter one :lol: OUtdoor stuff and photography are definitely my things.

If you are interested in, please email at



Glen Happy

Postby Guest » Tue, 02 Nov 2004 2:25 am

Which part of Scotland were you in? What were you doing there if I may ask? The reason I'm asking is that I was living in Stirling (between Glasgow and Edinburgh) for 3+ years - even bought a beautiful house there thinking we were going to stay for a while - but never met any asians that shared my passions for photography, the arts scene and the OUTDOORS in blooming Scotland.

BTw, we weren't Expats there like many Asian families so none of the 'perks' you get for being one. I also find that if we do encounter asians, they are either Japs or Chinese studying; or asian expat families; they also only mix with their own which I find very insulting. I wasn't accepted because I've got an English husband so they think I'm not 'asian' enough. So there. :roll: I know this sounds daft but my hubby and I are now living in America for a posting possibly a wee while so 'meeting up' is not an option here.

I went to College in Glasgow to study sports therapy, nutrition and personal training which was fantastic since I met loads of locals. Even got to learn the local accents, if you've lived there for a while, you know, it's pretty hard to pick up unless you really interact with them. I set up my own company there and it was pretty good before we were offered a job here in Houston, TX (My hubby is an enginner) so it was a pretty hard decision to make since we've established ourselves on every aspect.

Anyway, we do miss the beautiful country and culture (I find english culture and mannerisms are slightly different :wink: ). We have friends and family all over the UK so we go back every year to visit. Ah, we are avid cyclists (road and mtb) so that part of the world is perfect for training on different terrains.

We plan to move back to the UK (a house still in Hampshire) or even retire in South of France (SG might be an option only if we get posted here). I go back every year to visit friends and family in Singapore so it might be nice to keep in touch.

Alrrrrite, so long, hope to chat soon about Scotland and the crazy rabbits. :D

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Postby SillyOldGirl » Mon, 08 Nov 2004 2:44 am

Oh how I miss Scotland too especially Edinburgh sob sob sob .... Was there for a year for my studies and well, just MISS everything there including the crazy weather :P
Just a smile always makes a difference ;)

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