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Passport detained at MoM

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Postby Splatted » Tue, 02 Mar 2010 12:15 pm

Koalabear wrote:
Splatted wrote:
Koalabear wrote:
Splatted wrote:
sundaymorningstaple wrote:I was told it was by some sort of photo-recognition software being used but I cannot confirm it.

It's probably the same software the big casino's use to catch MIT grad cheats, prostitutes, as well as big spenders that choose not to use loyalty cards.

Lots of HMV stores around the world also use it too.

you mean card counters?

Yes, card counters are one of the things they watch out for. What all the U.S. casino's do is they order a copy of all the graduation books from each class at MIT, and load the photo's onto their servers as well as distribute them to all the other casinos.

They've been doing this for many years now.

HMV in the UK, on the other hand, sift through hours of footage to find an image of shoplifter's faces (after they notice stock seems to be missing) which they then load onto their server in the hope the shoplifter will strike again.

They've had a high success rate catching thieves during their second shoplifting attempt (and it doesn't have to be the same HMV store for them to catch them out).

Not sure whether this has been implemented internationally though.

yes I know that because my friend worked in different casinos. Just wanna point out that card counting isn't cheating. You can arrest a cheater but you can only ask a card counter to leave.

Yes, I presume you are correct about this. Often large institutions that stand to lose a lot of money want people to think certain activities are illegal, and even pressure governments to make them so.

A perfect example is purchasing your favourite CD or DVD, and then converting the music/movie so that you can play it on your PSP. The record and movie industry have for many years been pushing for legislation that prevents people to do this, and they drag people through the courts for 'copyright breach' with merely threats of imprisonment in order so that people cough up money and settle.

If they had their way, you would be required to purchase the same copy of music/movie 5 times in order to play the music/movie on 5 different devices.

But, I digress....

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