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Re: Rights of Entry Stamp

Post by Mad Scientist » Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:15 am

riverside0874 wrote:SMS/Mad Scientist - from ur post to Utopia below, it seems that Right of Entry is also a negitive benefit which one should avoid. Is that the position? Woudnt ROW only be considered a benefit if one actually resides in Singapore? If one makes a few trips to SIngapore at a young age using an ROE, would that also be seen as a benefit? Essentially in my case the foreign passport will have an ROE stamp when son turns 13. Pse advise how damaging is this?
What is ROW ?
Right of Entry is a privilge for those child born overseas of SG descent parent. The idea is for the SG overseas family to return to SG after many years of living overseas be it employment or PR. This is a benefit for those change of heart. It came out after 1996 election(I think) where this issue was brought up and CT Goh propose this after much complain from SG women married to foreigners and not accord the same privileges of SG men marrying foreign women.
No it is not a benefit that will hinder your son renounciation at 21.
If your son wish to visit SG without using the ROE stamp, whereby the benefit to stay in SG longer than the 30 or 90 days SVP w/o even having to jump to JB or Batam for visa run, then do NOT inform ICA border control. He will be treated as normal SVP arrivals.
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