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UK Graphic Designer (print) considering working in SG

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Post by andyisavinit » Thu, 04 Feb 2010 9:14 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:If you are holding a UK passport, you should be able to waltz over here and gain a 90 day Social Visit Pass by asking for it. (30 days is normal but often they will give the 90 day visa without asking for it) - pays to ask though. Other than than, you just need a return ticket, your body, enough clams to see you through your stay, and a lot of fortitude. Looking for a job and attending interviews is not a problem at all. Working without a work visa is a problem, so please, do not be tempted to freelance.

Good luck.
So just to be clear, no need to apply for the social visit pass from here in the uk before I travel. I will be issued with one at immigration in singapore?

ps wasn't trying to post a cv, just letting people know who I am, sorry bout that.

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Post by ceej1979 » Fri, 05 Feb 2010 2:21 am

andyisavinit wrote:Some interesting posts, thanks for that. I'll pm you ceej with my email so you can ask your cousin if he minds getting in touch. Also stop people nicking possible agency/job links!

I agree with you about just getting my cv out there and even if their not advertising keep working at it. I'm yet to contact the recruiters as I've only just finished my cv and online cv. Interesting that some may only look at on-line cv's (so glad I went to the effort of doing one).

And appreciate that from initial contact to me working full-time could take time and I hope that doesn't go against me. I'm not tied to a full-time job here as I'm freelancing - so in principle I could be on a plane and be working in a week or two, but that's a pretty scary prospect but one I think I'm going to have to get my head round if I want it to happen.

Where are you from ceej and amaretto btw? did I say I'm from the uk and a mid-senior designer.

Please post CV's in the classified section of the site an not on the forum. Please read the stickies at the top of the forums. - moderator
You should attack it from all angles. That's the way. If you can think of a way of a company responding to you, do it!

Even if it's quite literally just e-mailing an HR contact, and asking for a bit of advice on what they are looking for etc etc.

As I said, if it was me, I'd be hitting agencies, e-mailing CVs directly to companies, as well as e-mailing the companies just to try and strike up a bit of a conversation. As in, just asking them for advice on the market, and things like that.

Don't think of it like the UK. If they like a person enough, they'll just create and opening for you. So that's why the whole "networking" thing is important I found. If you can strike up a connection with a company, then they may well do all they can to help you move over - as in, creating a role for you.

I'm from the UK as well. I'm a mid level publisher. Manage a team of about 3-4 people, but have numerous bosses above me kind of thing!

I'm currently waiting nervously on a visa decision!

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