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UK or OZ

Postby real » Sun, 24 Oct 2004 1:45 am

Hi there,

My husband is offered a position in Oz and UK as we are at the end of contract here. I am working in Singapore too. Despite having quite a good skill set on my field, I had so much difficulty finding a job in Singapore and I am worried about extended job search again. Hubby is Ozzy and willing to take UK offer before going back to Oz for good. I can not really apply for the positions to try on Monster jobs or so, as we have not decided about UK offer yet. And, since I don't have a visa yet, or a certain date for relocation, none of the job agencies would be interested in my application anyway. Is there anyone there from IT field that may give me an idea about the market over there? I appreciate any feedback, thanks.

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Postby nonresidentalien » Tue, 02 Nov 2004 8:09 pm

Where in Oz and what level of exp?

I'm in melb, arrived back here mid-last year looking snr business analyst work on it projects. Took me about 5 mths to find a contract job. seems to be lots of jnr work around. Also found employers/recruiters were looking for people to fill snr roles at jnr prices. very frustrating.

my hubby to be was also looking - he was out for 10 mths. things picked up a little here, but found it very difficult. ironically, he got a great job in singapore, and has moved up there. I'm planning to follow soon.

we both have extensive exp, esp from o/s - but beware the aust recruiters dismissal of exp gained o/s - the standard line...."you need some local experience"...but saying that, I ended up with a really great job. It just takes time.

Good luck!!

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