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Post by ksl » Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:11 am

A word of warning on consumer rights.
I started some treatment a week ago, today was my second sitting.
I was told the bill will come to 1100$ no problem!

The fist sitting i paid 300$ deposit and the receptionist said, I want you to pay 400$ next week for the second sitting.

So that would have been 700$ for 2 sitting that took less then 1 hr in total.
Today I refused to pay the 400$ and i said why should i pay? They replied, we have to pay the lab for doing the work.

I then thought why the FK should I take the risk of their business, So I said I'm not paying it and she asked why.

So i explained how it was, I have no product, it's not even started on and you want me to pay in advance! Which means I take all the risk. I said for one you over charge me, more than the UK rate, and the dentist is trained in UK, for a second you pay less tax and your employees are on less income than the UK.

3rd you are a professional dentist with no credit card facilities, which means you are too tight to pay for it!

And last of all there is no way i will pay for your cash flow problems, when we give Singaporeans 30 days credit. Everyone wants a risk free business and no costs or service. So I said if you want me to pay in advance I want 20% discount! Otherwise you get no more money until i am satisfied with the product!

What happens if the product is no good and i'm not happy with it, i can just visualise the problems i will have, they will say well we never made it, we paid the lab.

I was concerned of the quality of work. In Europe for crowns or false teeth people are sent to the lab so they can match the colour. But here no care of the small details, don't worry lah is all you get.

So the answer I gave was no more money up front until i see the product and I'm satisfied with it! What a bloody cheek!

It's not that i'm in a rush for it, and i can get it much cheaper in UK or even Taiwan.

To be honest it's a bloody rip off, because i do know the real price of the product and it can be made for less than 200$ though that is wholesale price because the teeth are not customised and they are 10$ each which he the dentist told me, it's a temporary measure for me.

Which made me think just how careful you have to be here, because they know medisave can be used.

Even in UK one is not covered by national health service subsidy for teeth unless you are low income and though the costs are still cheaper than Singapore!

Not right at all something is very wrong in Singapore taking advantage of its people like this.

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