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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

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Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Postby zaimran3407 » Sun, 10 Jan 2010 9:37 pm

Many bridal parties have young girls as bridesmaids and, sometimes, the bridesmaid dresses are not appropriate for them to wear. For this purpose, Junior Bridesmaid Dresses can be found at many bridal shops that will complement what the rest of the bridesmaids are wearing. If you have a young lady who is under the age of 12 in your wedding party, you might consider these tips for choosing an appropriate bridesmaid dress.
1. First of all, you don’t have to buy the junior bridesmaid dress at the same time that you buy the Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses and, in fact, it doesn’t have to match them at all. You can simply take a color swatch and shop any department store, or bridal store, to find a dress in the same color and style. If you do want the colors to match exactly, however, you will want to consider buying it from the same place you get the Modest Bridesmaid Dresses as then the dress will come from the same dye lot.
2. Sometimes there may not be a matching dress for juniors and in this case, you’ll need to choose a different style and just have it made in the same exact colors as the bridesmaid dresses. You can find a similar design and style, or look through the dresses and find some that incorporate some of the same elements as the older girls dresses. Having it made in the same color wool tie all the dresses together. Consider Green Bridesmaid Dresses for your junior bridesmaid.
3. Make sure that you buy a style that is appropriate to the age of you junior bridesmaid. Miniskirts, plunging necklines and Dropped Waist Bridesmaid Dresses are probably not going to be appropriate. Junior bridesmaids can be as young as six years old so the age of the girl will dictate the style of the dress. A12-year-old junior bridesmaid can have a much older looking style than you would put on a six-year-old.
4. Look for Junior bridesmaids dresses that can be worn to other functions as well. If you pick a less formal style than the dress might be able to do double duty at another occasion. This will help save the parents of your bridesmaid some money - who knows maybe they’ll throw the savings in towards your wedding gift!
5. Don’t forget about shoes and accessories. Even your junior bridesmaid needs matching shoes and a purse so be sure to get a swatch from the dress that you can use to have the shoes dyed as well as choose a little purse to match.
There are plenty of styles of junior bridesmaid dresses to choose from, so you can be sure that you can find an appropriate dress that will add elegance to your wedding and make it a special day for not only you but you junior bridesmaid as well.

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