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serious what you think of that girl been molested openly

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Postby EADG » Mon, 11 Jan 2010 10:29 pm

She was a moron for behaving that way, the guys were totally uncool in how they responded. Simple as that.

They seem, as were the losers videoing it, as though they never get any and that was their only chance.

But I still think she encouraged it a) by her actions and b) by her (lack of) response.

Few of the hundreds of comments on this make serious mention of whether or not she actually enjoyed it, because of course there are those kinds of women in the world.
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Postby ksl » Mon, 11 Jan 2010 11:03 pm

blue_thunder wrote:Just got to know from a friend abt the whole episode @ Siloso.

Apparently there was 4-5 girls[not girls to be exact/transvestites] who stripped themselves naked on getting money from the guys over there.Nothing like reported in the media or forums with the pics floating around.

Dont shoot the messenger. :lol:

The term used in 1970 would have been KaiTai's and there would have been more than just a handful at such an event, the more outrageous they dress the more attention they get! Back in the military days, the guy's would be so drunk, that they wouldn't know who was picking them up, so the Kaitai's target them, take them back to their digs or room and have a good time, many get rolled, robbed in other words. Though many of them was just saving up for their operations and would openly talk about it. My thought's are that they are more entertainers back then, and everyone liked the atmosphere, the raunchy singing, and the Kaitai's basically looked after those that needed a shoulder to cry on, or a person to escort them around all the clubs for a good time in Singapore.

I also met 5 on the bus, two in front, two behind and one next to me :oops: They quite enjoy the attention, that's what it is all about, entertainment and parties...have a read of the link about the tales from those days! Though the guy's would never know they are Kaitai's unless they grope below the belt! :shock:

I can tell you when the troops from vietnam were on R&R all hell was let loose in Bugis, striptease by all sex's was quite common and beer was thrown at them when stripped. Bugis was a very big tourist attraction back then. It was also called Lion City or Sin City I cannot recall a Merlion at that time but it may well have been there. What message does the Merlion send?

I read some place on the web, that the Tourist Agency attempted to bring back the old Bugis St days, but the project fell through. Though they will have to do more in Singapore to pull tourists, the Casino and IR are the first steps.

If it was a real assault it would have been in the papers by now, that's for sure. ... ning-pages

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