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Why is Taiwan not considered South East Asian?

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Post by ksl » Wed, 06 Jan 2010 10:50 pm

badgerxbutt wrote:ScoobyDoes - nobody has mentioned anything about China.

Thanks for your answers so far, but why are three Taiwanese cities recognised as major cities of South East Asia, yet the actual country is not?

There is a logical answer to this question. Your source is not officially recognised and thinks like most locals do, with no worldly wisdom. They cannot relate to the global meridians or map read and have no sense of orientation like my Taiwanese wife!

Although i will give her full marks for guessing the question right, though her map reading and orientation leaves much to be desired still!

South East Asian Cites are listed in many places do a search and I don't think you will find any of Taiwans Cities listed. So your source data is wrong.

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Tau Beta
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Post by Tau Beta » Mon, 29 Mar 2010 11:47 pm

Let me try this as a Taiwanese American who still visits Taiwan frequently for 2 generations.

Taiwan is considered the motherland of the Taiwanese. What is Taiwanese then? Besides the native indigenous people with linage to the Filipinos native, Taiwanese are largely early Chinese immigrants from Xiamen and Hakka people residing on the Island some 400+ years ago. Today’s Taiwanese are identified by the blood linage with family heritage and history that leads back to the early influence of Japanese colonization some 80+ years before the invasion of the Kuomintang Chinese army after World War II.

Geographically, Taiwan weather is different from all the other S.E. Asian countries. She has winter from central to North and sub-tropical in the South. This wintery climate may have an effect on overall physical look of the Taiwanese people. I wasn’t sure if it was the long Japanese Colonization or the weather but many Taiwanese I have known including my son and wife have always been mistaken for South Korean or Japanese.

Being Taiwanese, Min-nan language has always been the language of our ancestors. Mandarin is just the language of the invading government (or Outsiders). Many of the Chinese decent born and raised in Taiwan as citizens that have embraced the Taiwanese language and culture today should be considered as Taiwanese too.

Looking at the geographic climate and cultural elements, Taiwan is no where near to S.E. Asia. As a matter of fact, Taiwan would be viewed closer to S. Korean culturally in many ways due to Japanese colonization and heavy influence throughout the society history and structure.

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Post by Vaucluse » Tue, 30 Mar 2010 8:32 am

Tau Beta wrote: Looking at the geographic climate and cultural elements, Taiwan is no where near to S.E. Asia. .
'nuff said

'nuff said Image

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Post by ScoobyDoes » Tue, 30 Mar 2010 10:30 am

Didn't we settle this three or four times already?

Either way..... settled again.

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