Waiting for PR Result

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Waiting for PR Result

Post by milleplateaux » Thu, 31 Dec 2009 5:43 pm


I have applied PR 7 months ago and it is still "under process". Although the longest we have seen around us, waiting time was not a big deal because we are already living here 3 years with EP and DP. But now I am in a weird situation.

My company got a project in Europe and they plan to send me there for 3-4 months to implement the project and come back. This is not uncommon in my job, first time I came here I was assigned here from Europe and I stayed here 6 months before going back. My problem now is pending PR application:

1) How does ICA call you for a meeting? Phone or mail?

2) If I am called for a meeting to when they arrange a meeting? 1 week later? Finding a ticket to come back here just for meeting will be a burden.

3) If PR is approved, how long can I wait to collect it? ICA says 2 months, but some told me more than that.

Can you share your experience with me? I am afraid of missing ICA calls because I will not be here for a couple of months. It will cost me a lot to just fly back and fort for a meeting (PR is personal and my company already told me that they will not pay for the flights) and then collecting approved PR (if it is approved) and just 2 way flight takes 30 hours!

Can I call ICA and ask them to speed up the processing so it is approved until I go to Europe? :D

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