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lovely kitten needs a home

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lovely kitten needs a home

Post by arsene1 » Sun, 29 Nov 2009 1:55 pm

My girlfriend rescued a very poorly kitten which appeared to have been bitten by something, he was in a pretty bad way
anyway we took him to the vets and now he is fine some three weeks later
he is a lovely little fellow and we would love to keep him but unfortunately we live in an apartment and we feel that is not right, he needs to be able to go out or at the very least have a house to roam in, the space here is just not big enough.
whilst he is happy and playful his life would be better in the long run if he had more than we can give him, including we leave him alone all day due to work
so, if there is anyone out there, who would like to have a two month old kitty and who loves cats please contact me

this is not a monetary posting just a gift to a good home


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