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i wAnNa LeARn rOlLerBlaDDing!!!!

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i wAnNa LeARn rOlLerBlaDDing!!!!

Postby muakz » Wed, 20 Oct 2004 2:47 pm

anyone willing to teach?

my housemate and i are keen to learn but totally afraid of falling & dislocating some precious limbs :cry: :oops:

is there a drink we can consume and get up on our blades and hey, presto, we're pro's? :wink:


be happy to teach you

Postby titaniaunplugged » Thu, 21 Oct 2004 2:01 pm

I have bladed for three years,, still not the best and have not been blading regularly..

Wanna blade this weekend morning??
Unfortuantely even Milo cannot help you..

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Postby Tezza200 » Sat, 23 Oct 2004 8:39 am

Used to blade regularly. Remember to wear hand and knee guards at the very least. Helmet is useful for some :wink:

Learn to fall on your knee guards and use your hand guards for support when you fall. Might be useful in helping you to stop if you haven't learnt it yet.

Lace up your blades tightly. This may hurt a little at first but it's important in minimizing the risk of spraining your ankle. Makes it easier for you to lift your blades to move too.

Bend your knees to give you better balance and lower your centre of gravity. Relax your head and neck to make balancing easier. If you've tried skiing before, this will be easy.

Take your favourite drink along and hey presto, you are blading! :)

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