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How to Appeal regards my employment ban

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Post by ceej1979 » Thu, 04 Feb 2010 6:53 am

sundaymorningstaple wrote:Actually, it does harm, as it continues to build hope in an otherwise hopeless case. Just look as the lengths the government will go to zap those citizens who left without doing their NS, or the same of PR's who didn't do NS and now cannot even get an EP (one of those cases currently on here). Or the situation with Citizens who marry a work permit or former work permit hold without getting permission. My nephew's wife and 1 years old baby are currently stuck in the Philippines because of that - and she wasn't even on a work permit when they got married. But. They did not get permission - that's all. Try deliberately defrauding the government and they will never forget.

Frankly the best thing the OP can do is to forget it. Unless he enjoys self-flagellation.
I agree. If you read the MOM form, they state that forging documents is actually a criminal offence under Singaporean law.

So although they just turned down the form, the guys probably comitted a much more serious offence under their rules.

I personally can't see any circumstances where they'd offer a second chance. None whatsoever.

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