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Postby road.not.taken » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 4:39 pm

sundaymorningstaple wrote:
Saint wrote:
sundaymorningstaple wrote:Congratulations! But! How many does that make altogether? :wink:

Well she's long way behind Mary who was retired on 1,254 postings!

.....but way ahead of beenthere at only 399! :wink:

I had forgotten all about good ol' beenhere10years... I miss the old girl :)

I am going to the US and I will buy and eat boxes of triscuits (I like the low fat variety), can't wait ~ world's best cracker.

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Fri, 23 Oct 2009 6:29 pm

Try the cracked pepper & olive oil ones. I've always been partial to the originals but usually get the low sodium ones or the cracked pepper ones now. But I have to agree! world's best cracker. To me they are the best cheese carriers out there!

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Postby ksl » Sat, 24 Oct 2009 9:34 pm

road.not.taken wrote:
ksl wrote: RNT you are always welcome to see how the other half live, I'm sure SMS and myself and a few others would show you what it's like to go slumming and still have an enjoyable evening, purely educational.

How incredibly presumptuous ksl! (I will leave out demeaning, because I don't think it was intended that way) :wink:. What facts are you in possession of that makes you think:

I am somehow in the other 'other' half at all?
Or that I don't know how the other half lives?
Or I've never been slumming (a ghastly term)?
Or that you and you're band of merry men are experts at this 'slumming' and you could provide me with an evening that is purely educational?

:roll: Sheesh ksl, Suzy Quatro? That really hurts... :D

I can't speak for SMS, but I'll bet it's not so much the 'spread' he misses~ it's the pace, the people, the weather, the landscape, the lifestyle, a shared ethos of a culture with which you feel a strong affinity.
No offence Dear! I was being rather bold and daring having jumped on the ladder of liberation, it was hard going but a decisive move on my part, when i return to my roots every year, I get the full monty, because my accent is neutral after so many years. So I'm known as the snob :oops: they think i talk posh, because i don't F & blind every 3rd word :roll: and when I say " Do you have to swear all the time" the pubs go very quite and i get the evil eye. Reminds me of Charles Dickens day's and Mr Scrooge.

The slumming it, was actually a request i had from an ex Major and his ballerina girlfriend, who had never adventured into those kind of area's, before, they enjoyed their little adventure.

Though i must say I had never been into a transvestite bar in London before, until my sister took me, that too was quite an adventure and the entertainment was well recommended.

Suzy Q, Got to agree, that was a little coarse , though i was thinking of the leathers and whip at the time :lol: and they say Einstein had good imagination :wink: No expert, still learning :P Though I am born and raised in the northern part of the UK, when industries where owned by the aristocrats and a City which was famous for trade back in 1600. East India Company.

The City of Lancaster is still privileged to maintaining it's historic values, of the different classes. with even a pup which was built in 1300. My mother used to tell me of the slum quarters wash houses and poor houses, back in the 50's. USA had them too.

59 years on, The only change has been the total collapse of industry in the 60's to the 80's. It's still a City of intrigue and mystery surrounded by the nobles, secret societies, and the criminals. Never walk out alone in Lancaster after dark, the wolves work in packs, size depending on the manor.

The Hanging Town,_Lancashire

Poor House

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