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Medical system - How does GP system work?

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Medical system - How does GP system work?

Post by queenie71 » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 9:26 am

We will have some form of medical coverage provided by our company but I don't yet know which healthcare provider.

Arriving with kids in January and just want to know how the system works.

Do the GPs operate out of private clinics or do they work out of hospitals?
Can we only visit one where we are reigsitered or in the living ctachment area???

We hope to be in Holland V/Bukit Timah area . Any recommendations?
I prefer GPs who have experience also of naturo and homeopathy.

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Post by taxico » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 7:00 pm

most GPs tend to work out of private clinics, but there are facilities in public hospitals that will also accept private patients under certain cover.

you need to know which healthcare network/program your company is on, or at least, ask your HR what clinics you can/should visit.

unless you are working for a tiny firm, it's very likely there will be a clinic near where you work, if not dotted around the island (singapore's real small).

once you know where to go, you head on in, show your company pass or provide a name card and ID. they'll confirm your company is covered and register you and you wait your turn to see a doctor.

if you have neither, the clinic staff will have to call up your company and confirm with HR that you are a valid employee before allowing you to see a doctor.

that can take a while.

no matter how it's represented, you will rarely get on a scheme that provides unlimited cover for no fee.

so if you're really sick, you will want to fork out some money to pay for more effective medication during the first consult, instead of having to visit them a few times.

i know that sounds awful, but it's the economics of health care... the doctors cannot afford to prescribe/treat a patient past $xx or they will make a loss.

few GPs practice "natural/homeopathic" medicine in singapore. i believe in singapore 99.99% of them are allopathic doctors, and fervently so.

let me review this tomorrow for mistakes coz i'm really tired now...
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Post by jpatokal » Fri, 16 Oct 2009 8:05 pm

Just FYI, GP charges in Singapore are generally quite nominal, most neighborhood/office types charge around S$20-30 for a consultation and that probably even includes a baggie of random medicines.

Most companies in Singapore give you a fixed budget per year to use as and where you wish, claimable against receipts, plus third-party insurance for anything requiring hospitalization/surgery/etc.
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