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Post by harmony2828 » Tue, 27 Oct 2009 1:21 pm

Guys, feel free to express your opinions, there always are alternate views to the same topic. Yes, i am sure many people have realized that they can send in 20 to 30 resumes in one month, and you jolly well know what there could well be 20, 30 or 50 applications for 1 post, honestly, and i can understand recruitment agencies can't be going line by line of every single application, some probably wrote 12 to 15 pages, hopefully not as thick as a book, these recruitment guys would pick up some of the key words or they zoom into the different areas in the applications and tick against their checklist.

Now the challenge is that whether these recruitment staff expect 95% match or 60% match before they go into details, what you need is if the applicant is not writing his resume in an organized way, you be rest assured 99% of the chance his resume will never be surfaced anymore. And i can understand that, there is no way humanly for them to remember which application has what details, too many are coming in every day, once is locked up somewhere, this is it.

Perhaps one should write again after a few weeks, and hope that your latest application catches the attention of another recruitment staff or it sits on top of the stacks.

This links to one of the points mentioned here that the quality of the many recruitment staff or headhunters can affect the chances of the applicants. There are so many recruitment agencies nowadays, whether big or small. And i think the turn over of the recruitment staff is also quite high.

Good luck.
Strong Eagle wrote:Harmony, I wish I could fully agree with you. But when I go to JobsDB or JobStreet, and fully 4/5 of the jobs are put there by employment agencies I really do have to wonder.

a) These are not exec level jobs.
b) Those who send in CV's will never hear a response.
c) Those that actually contact the employment agency about the job they sent the CV in for will get the brush off.

Why do I think this is happening? Because companies here know that most employment agencies are no good at vetting good candidates; hence, they will not sign contracts.

So, what happens instead is that the employment agencies go on CV collecting expeditions, then present candidates in the hopes of getting a contract.
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