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true singapore ghost stories - from expats anyone??

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true singapore ghost stories - from expats anyone??

Postby minxy » Mon, 18 Oct 2004 12:20 pm

I'm a Singaporean and I've grown up having heard many ghost stories told by my friends and relatives, some first hand experience and some not.
I happen to be lucky enough not to have encountered anything of the supernatural kind and hope that I will never ever.

So I still can't say that I trully believe that such things do happen/exist. And I still can't say I trully don't believe it either - so I'm sitting on the fence about ghostly encounteres in Singapore. My non-local friends who are those who can say, without a doubt, that ghosts or anything of the supernatural don't exist. Well, they haven't encountered anything, so of course they would say that. One or two weird things have happened to me though and I did feel scared cos I kept thinking of the possibility of it being one of those ghostly encounters I have heard of. But I am still not too sure.

And I noticed that I've only heard these ghost stories that happened here in Singapore mostly from locals - Malays mostly. Most of the time when I listened to their encounters which they claimed to have experienced them first-hand, they just sounded so unreal and I just can't help but feel both incredulous and fascinated by it. Of course I've heard such incredible ghost stories from my Singaporean Chinese and Indian friends/acquaintances. One thing is, I haven't heard any stories from non-locals; particularly Caucasians, that is because either I haven't met any non-locals who would have some interesting ghost stories encountered HERE in Singapore to tell at all or I just kept forgetting to ask my non-local friends about it whenever we meet up.

I know there are websites of other nationalities that are about ghosts and supernatural things but I would like to know if there are any expats(non-locals only for now cos I've already so many from locals) who have any ghostly/weird experiences that happened here in Singapore to share?

And whether or not I will believe that such ghosts stories do occur after you tell me about your encounters...
well I'm still not sure. :wink:

Just tell me the stories anyway! :roll: :wink:


Postby JK » Tue, 19 Oct 2004 12:52 pm

Me and my friends went to a Muslim cemetery in Jalan Bahar about 11 plus at night and we saw nothing. We planned to go after midnight but somehow went there earlier. We walked along the tombs, wnet in further, I was very nervous but my friends seem like they're just walking into a library, searching and reading the words on the tombs... well I became less nervous along the way, but really couldn't wait to get out of there.
So, we saw nothing, but doesn't mean we can say there is absolutely nothing there can we? In fact we just went there for one night, not like every night...

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