Looking for a Job at American Embassy

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Looking for a Job at American Embassy

Post by Tonihil » Tue, 13 Oct 2009 8:22 am

Hello ~

I currently live in Texas, USA. However, in just 11 weeks, I will be moving to Singapore to join my husband. :D I am so excited about moving there. I really love the culture and people. Currently, my husband is working on a 3 year assignment. So, I will be living in Singapore for just a couple years while he is there.

I work now for Pier 1 Imports.

My goal is by March or April of 2010, to work for the American Embassy in Singapore.

I already have a resume, cover page and references upon request.

I also know there are some government documents, I will need in order to work in Singapore.

So, now that I have provided a little background; what is procedure to getting my name, resume, etc. to set up for interviews with the embassy and what are my chances?


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Post by Strong Eagle » Tue, 13 Oct 2009 8:45 am

Try here.


Jobs will be few and far between. Most of the jobs are federal civil service, many also require state department vetting.

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Post by muterabbit » Tue, 13 Oct 2009 11:33 pm

hope u could work in us embassy here.
and approved my us tavel vis application~!!!

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Post by ksl » Wed, 14 Oct 2009 12:36 am

My guess is that you have very little chance of getting a reply unless you have a state qualified or subsidised Import and Export exam a degree in International Trade is not enough for an international trade office unless they have personally groomed you for the position. Though I believe you can do the study here in Singapore that will qualify you, its a full time practical study, shorter than Europe, only 12 weeks. Europe in my day was 16 weeks hands on at a cost of 6.5k pounds sterling including my accommodation.

The course is intensive and covers all aspects of International trade and business analysis, but its a practical course on data research and report writing which includes desk research only with a final 1.5 hrs oral examination and presentation. I looked at the Singapore Course which is identical to the one I did in Denmark, though completed in 12 weeks.

Reason being that Employees are normally civil servants, that have come up through the ranks, other than those in the trade office, that I would believe must be at least qualified to International requirements. A person working in trade and import would probably not be successful, because the consultant must be able to produce market research reports, capable of business analysis, and problem solving along with Country profile reports and penetrating markets for the home Country. A trade office normally only has 1 because of the expense involved, that's why i think its unlikely. An export department with 1 employed can cost a minimum of 200K. Though if you have the experience in trade, you may wish to use your creative side to kick start something!

Embassy trade work is a very good career move and once in, you have all the possibilities to do very well, but think about the competition, it's very very competitive withg only 1 or max 2 people in the trade offices around the world. Though you can still work freelance which is very normal and you can apply for grants to include your income, you just have to convince the authorities in Singapore, you can do it, with a plan, showing how you intend to contribute to society here.

Normally one would specialise in a product area, because it takes specialised knowledge in manufacturing to take a product to market, so textiles i could never do for example. Hope that gives you some insight!

I was also churned out, for a Country that relies on exports, and needed qualified people, but it doesn't guarantee me a position in civil service and to apply was pointless, because I was English, but for me it was kind of a childhood dream to be free and do whatever i want, and to know i wouldn't have to rely on my Country for anything. Thank god! :oops:

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Working For Embassy

Post by looking4work » Mon, 26 Oct 2009 12:21 am

You don't stand a chance.I've been trying for 5 years and they never have jobs there.

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Post by Calmday » Thu, 05 Nov 2009 5:21 am

I don’t have any experience with the embassy in Singapore but I have lived in many countries around the world. From what I have seen, officers and a few other senior staff are US citizens but most if not all other jobs go the nationals of the host nation.

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Post by jpatokal » Fri, 06 Nov 2009 11:18 am

Calmday wrote:I don’t have any experience with the embassy in Singapore but I have lived in many countries around the world. From what I have seen, officers and a few other senior staff are US citizens but most if not all other jobs go the nationals of the host nation.
Most embassies have three categories of people: career diplomats sent from the home country (full expat perks), locally hired home country citizens (local salary terms and no expat perks), and locally hired local staff. The split between "locally hired" and "local-local" staff will vary from embassy, and I'm not familiar with the specific case of the US embassy, but usually any jobs dealing with anything even remotely sensitive will require citizenship.
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