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Can anyone recommend ESL classes in Indonesian medium?

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Can anyone recommend ESL classes in Indonesian medium?

Postby Ionyou » Mon, 12 Oct 2009 11:41 pm

We have just engaged an Indonesian helper. Actually we've kind of inherited her from some Malaysian friends who returned home. She's an absolute gem, very bright, but doesn't speak terrific English. That's not a worry for me as I speak good Indonesian. However, my wife and kids don't. They do manage to communicate ok, albeit on a fairly rudimentary level.

Anyway, our new edition is as keen as mustard to learn English but feels it would be better to start in an Indonesian medium. I tend to agree as she did not have the benefit of schooling in Indo past year 6.

Both my wife and I feel it would benefit her to get the language under her belt as she won't be a maid forever and will have far more employment opportunities back home, when the day comes, if she is proficient in English.

So, any suggestions? I haven't found much online. Our budget is pretty tight as we don't have the 'package' (though we're not exactly on Struggle Street either). I've heard about tailored courses for FDW's but it's all "a friend of friend has this maid who..."

Would really appreciate any advice you can give.


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