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Third rhinoplasty or remove my implant?

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Third rhinoplasty or remove my implant?

Post by meili_wudi » Sun, 11 Oct 2009 12:10 am

Hi everyone, i am new to this forum and this thread is what brings me here now.
i had a button nose with a fleshy tip and no bridge at all. So reasonably i was unhappy with it.

So I had my first nose job in thailand, it was a simple nasal augmentation with L shaped silicone implant. Without doing any research on rhinoplasty, i regretted the result, i ended up a a big nose and fake too-high bridge (for me as i have a rather flat face).
I was hating my nose every day ever since the surgery so after a few months i went to taiwan and got my revision rhinoplasty.
Now it has been almost 10 months after the 2nd nose job & I am wishing i had never done anything to my nose. during consulation, i told the doc i want a small tip, small nose and trusted him with it(i never probe much about the procedure, i should have)
I had my original implant in my nose, with ear cartilage. My nose has a humongous tip with the ear cartilage graft now, and a hanging columella which makes me look like a man and very old. I think that L shaped implant was not a wise choice for me, i feel like my nose is sticking out of my face. And i am guessing silicone implant will be prone to shifting down to a hanging columella, is that correct?

I emailed the doctor, and here's his reply
We can do the minor revision for you to adjust the nasal tip and length. The best way is put you under local anesthesia and see what you thing right after surgery.
You may think about removing the silicone and refining the tip together.

i had a hard time communicating with him, maybe i should call him up. if i was put under LA during the surgery, will i have a good gauge of how my nose will look after surgery?
I am actually contemplating between going back to him for revision, or removing the whole implant then maybe later then get my nose job again at other doctors.

Can anyone help me? will removing the implant have any implications? will my nose be restored? i am torn :(
to a beautiful me~

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