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Postby ksl » Tue, 17 Nov 2009 1:38 am

yenny.y wrote:there's a song from tommy page about that!

you told me time will always heal the pain
bring the sun and dry the rain
we need time to solve and think our problems through
you told me time is always on my side
to turn the season, change the tide
things work out with time if you want them to

here's the youtube:
So heart breaking men and young love :wink:

Life lessons

The suffering

Music is the answer to life and death, we all reflect our feelings, through music, you want good times, play good music, you want to suffer play good music, it's your choice! Been there and done that!

I have seen many lives topple including my own, some of us get stronger and others do not, either way, it's a true natural life of surviving in a shit world of posion, and having the will power to stay in control.

I wouldn't wish misfortune on anyone, but just like the weather natur takes it's course, we have to learn to flow with nature, to survive the next hurdles.

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Postby blue_thunder » Thu, 19 Nov 2009 7:01 am

I wouldn't wish misfortune on anyone, but just like the weather natur takes it's course, we have to learn to flow with nature, to survive the next hurdles.[/quote]

Nice... :lol:
~ I don't want to be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me

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Postby sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 19 Nov 2009 8:28 am

Yeah, the author was Baron's Strong Brew! :lol:

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Postby nakatago » Thu, 19 Nov 2009 9:19 am

For times like those, I know I could always turn to our beloved patron saint, St. Michael. :D :D :D

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Postby phil30k » Sat, 28 Nov 2009 12:48 pm

Once you realize that emotions are homonal and can be addictive like all other chemicals and heartbreak is "withdrawal" and can be alleviated with chocolate till you get over it...

Then you'll be able to stop drinking, stop smoking and stop feeling hearbreak...

The odds are with you if you have ever stopped an addictive behavior before and against you if you haven't.

I'm speaking emotively (imagine someone speaking dramatically with lots of arm waving) so please excuse the grammer.

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Postby mulatto » Sun, 20 Dec 2009 6:40 pm

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