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Salary for Sales Director in IT

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Salary for Sales Director in IT

Post by PA7 » Mon, 28 Sep 2009 5:26 am

I am discussing with a privately owned US firm in high-tech IT about joining them and moving to Singapore. Company size is around 200 people worldwide, they have / are setting up a smaller office in Singapore.

What salary and package would be reasonable to negotiate based on below:
- Have a MSc degree in Computer Science
- 15 years experience in IT industry, of which 10 years in B2B sales in IT; last position was "Sales Director Asia"
- Last salary around 7000 EURO fixed / month + target commission of 4500 EURO / month (but our tax rate is around 50% here...)
- Target position in the company would be "Sales Director Asia", eg responsibility for developing sales in Asia

I got wife and 2 kids (2 y and 4 y). My wife will initially (for at least 1 year) not work in Singapore, so no 2nd incomce... Our kids would go to pre-school which I understand could be around 1,500 S$ / month / kid.

- Any ideas on what the average FIXED monthly salary is for this type of role ?
- What is the typical split in Singapore between fix / com for these types of more senior roles within sales ?
- What notice period is the norm if employed by a Singapore company ?
- Would be better, for one reason or another, to be employed by the US company (or the European subsidiary) as compared to being employed by the Singapore subsidiary ? E.g. from what rights the employee has etc ?

My ballpark figure would be asking for a monthly OTE (on target earnings) of around 20,000 S$ / month. E.g. 15,000 S$ fixed and 5,000 S$ variable. On top of that would request housing allowance and one paid home-leave trip / year for family.

Any feedback welcome.

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