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Postby KotMot » Wed, 23 Sep 2009 8:15 pm

Thanks Guys for you advices. I appreciate it.

KotMot (Dude)

The Remittance Man
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Postby The Remittance Man » Fri, 25 Sep 2009 1:25 pm

When I first came to Singapore, London was the runner-up in terms of where I was going to move. (I'm American, was living in Paris but couldn't find a job there, and didn't want to go home just yet.) The deciding factor was that I found a job here before I found one there, but there were other reasons:

1. It's a lot easier for a non-EU citizen to get a work visa here. (That's one reason why I found a job here first - a lot of the applications I submitted in London might have gotten me a callback if I were work-eligible.)
2. It's cheaper.
3. The weather. (Yes, the heat can be a bit much here, but when I think of European winters, I don't mind much!)
4. If and when I can afford a vacation, Singapore is much more exotically located.

All that said, London is on my short-list of places I'd eventually like to settle down, if and when I hit the big time with my business here (the other three are Paris, New York and San Francisco). But I'm in no big hurry for that to happen just now!
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