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croc? gator? lizard? pig? ostrich? odd sized exotic skins!

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croc? gator? lizard? pig? ostrich? odd sized exotic skins!

Post by taxico » Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:57 am

i found this US-based seller which has really decent prices for her old stock of straps in odd and ladies' watch sizes (15, 17, 19mm, etc).

she has regular even sizes too. according to her, they were all made on request/contract by a big US manufacturer a long time ago.

so last week i bought a black 19mm genuine gator strap with a bold grain for US$24! half expecting it "too good to be true," it arrived today.

while it's not the best gator i've had, it is really quite nice and very fairly priced. ($3 for world wide shipping!), plus she's friendly to boot.

although not printed as such, the strap was obviously hand cut, which is a nice departure from precision machined straps with a hard edge.

so if there're people looking for decently priced NOS exotic watch straps in weird sizes, i'd be happy to forward you the link to her website/store.

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