Is a one door fridge standard in Singapore?

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Post by resm » Wed, 23 Sep 2009 7:20 pm

jjk wrote:Ok, I've got my fridge...but landlord will not be removing their small fridge out. Ok, fine by me...but I was wondering if I could put that space to use (instead of having it take up my space). Was thinking of unplugging it (since I've got my own fridge), and using the smaller fridge as a cupboard to store canned food, unopen packets of pasta/macaroni should be ok right? to use an unplugged fridge as a cupboard...
you can also use the lowest possible setting of its temperature and use it for not so sensitive items like dry goods.
I would keep my spices, pasta, opened cookies etc. in that fridge.

Anything that needs cool temperature and in the same time keep the humidity out of your fridge and your food.
PROUT....the only way out !

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