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Postby sierra2469alpha » Wed, 02 Sep 2009 8:23 pm

Remember also that many police officers are very undercover - so a quick badge show may have been happening. Although, it may have been someone being taken "off".

If, as Road.not.taken has said, feigning a quick shout out to the victim won't hurt, as long as you are prepared to diffuse the situation. No use getting involved because of your height as an Ang Mo.

Unless you have the skills to do it, then walk away.

Everything is not as it seems, so my suggestion would be to judge your own skills rather than your perceived skills, or your mouth.

Having paramedic experience, I'd suggest that R.N.T's suggestion might be the best - stand back, call the police, ask them to meet you, then explain it to them. Then leave it to the professionals.

Everyone's an expert, though.

Mr. P

PS. Strong Eagle - it's Singapore, not Texas. Back on Topic for a change would be pleasant. No wonder the regulars are a little shy of posting here anymore.

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Postby Strong Eagle » Wed, 02 Sep 2009 8:59 pm

sierra2469alpha wrote:PS. Strong Eagle - it's Singapore, not Texas. Back on Topic for a change would be pleasant. No wonder the regulars are a little shy of posting here anymore.

It would appear that you are once again off on one of your irrational rants, this time directed at me for some unknown reason. So, let's analyze the content of your rant and see what we can come up with.

"Strong Eagle - it's Singapore, not Texas" - The implication here seems to be that I don't know where I am... but surely you know that as a long time moderator of this board, I must know where I am. Thus, one can only conclude that this is a slur of some sort, perhaps suggesting stupidity or senility.

"Back on Topic for a change would be pleasant." - Now this is kind of interesting. We do have a topic relating to what should be done when apparent violence or potential violence is observed. Some of the posts (are they off topic as well?) made observations in other cities; I made a personal observation. So, off topic or on topic? To a greater or lesser degree than other posts? Should the mods break it off and start a new thread? Perhaps a poll is in order. But listen: Should we decide that we need an off topic judge, I'll be sure to let you know so you can send in your CV and apply... only selected candidates will be notified.

"No wonder the regulars are a little shy of posting here anymore." - This looks suspiciously like a throwdown statistic to me, possibly even populist demagoguery. Unsourced. Unqualified. Something like a Republican health care opponent would spout. From my own non scientific observations I've not noted a decrease in posts, even by the regulars, and I've not received a single concerned PM that people are "shy". So, I'm going to say you are just being argumentative with this statement and not allow it to be admitted.

Final Analysis - This post by sierra2469alpha has no intrinsic or extrinsic value; it appears to be a complete waste of electrons and magnetic fields on the hard disk. Had we a formal 'on topic' policy, I'm afraid it would have been doomed for the bit bucket. As it is, this nugget by sierra2469alpha will be recorded to a back up tape to be discovered by some electro-anthropologist 5000 years from now.
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Postby sassy5 » Wed, 02 Sep 2009 9:31 pm


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Postby rattlesnake » Sat, 05 Sep 2009 1:50 pm

Personally, I would have walked up to them and asked if either of them knew the way to Raffles City or some other inconsequential place or think of some other inane reason to interrupt i.e. you dropped this etc etc I would then casually ask the lady if everything was okay. If he attacked her, I would intervene and yell for someone to get security. Then again, I am over 6 foot and know karate, judo and 2 or 3 other japanese words.

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Postby Bafana » Sun, 06 Sep 2009 5:52 am

bigfilsing wrote:Just scream and wave your arms. No really ...anything that draws attention ( the arm waving is for the CCTV)

Good advice. In my experience most normal men will shy way from aggression hearing a woman scream. Short of that kick him in the nuts.
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Postby Nath21 » Mon, 07 Sep 2009 9:43 am

There was a post on youtube on a train and some young guy was hassling young women and men on the train and some old guy dacked him and he got very embarressed and walked away. Not a bad tactic from the old guy to difuse the situation.

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Postby SunWuKong » Tue, 08 Sep 2009 2:37 pm


Sometimes, amusingly and despite appearances, it is not the woman who is being abused. You only see the physical reaction of the less skilled manipulator. Re-read 'sometimes'.

Personal intervention is only warranted if you think that the action will prevent the very real possibility of serious harm.

Budding Heroes beware. Mind your personal motivation very carefully, you may be projecting your expectations onto a relatively innoxious situation.

Lastly, don't believe everything you read. Most of the intervention strategies I've read here, if attempted on the wrong sort of aggressor, will see you lucky to escape with your life. It is a common misconception that bullies are cowards; that's media spin and wishful thinking.

If you must. In this case we are talking about an MRT station. If your moral itch does not abate and you decide to engage, make damn sure you do it in front of a security camera, and bring it to the attention of the abuser as quickly as possible.
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Postby zodiac09 » Tue, 08 Sep 2009 5:23 pm

CBAvasi -
Actually, I think you did the right thing. Keeping on eye on something that you personally would not tolerate. Should you have intervened ? $1Mill question, isn't it ?

I agree with Road.not.taken [interesting moniker, BTW :)] in that embarrassing someone like that would alter the idiotic mentality that it's ok to slap a woman in public. It aint. Ever.

Also agree with Sun WuKong, that unless you know how to handle personal confrontation situations, it's extremely easy for such things to spiral outta control and before you know it, YOU'RE the one taking a slapping.

At risk of a flaming [similar to the poke at Strong Eagle], I too can relate a situation where I intervened. Back in the day when I was young, fit and proud possessor of superior martial arts training, I was out running my usual route in the park. Passing a large hedge, I heard a muffled scream and it so chilled me that I actually stopped to investigate. A poor girl was being molested and the guy was about to rape her at knife point in those bushes. To cut a long story short, he panicked when he saw me, tried to slash me and ended up pretty badly "damaged" in the ensuing fracas. Police were called by some random dog-walkers [who thought I was beating up this scum], but the girl [who had emerged from her snare] relayed the story to The Boyz In Blue when they finally arrived.

I was later arrested on suspicion of ABH. The girl's testamony to the Cops save me from that fiasco. Ol' Scumbag ended up going down for nearly 9 years [after a load more rapes were uncovered].

The worst part ? Her suicide after his conviction. Oh..... and the nightmares that still occasionally haunt me.

My advice [for what it's worth] is that EVERYONE has a duty to do something and stop violence toward women [men, kids, small kittens etc]. We live in a society where such things are waaaaaaaay too common and it's unacceptable to me to ignore and walk off, for fear of embarrassment. Well done to you, CBavasi for bringing such a topic up here.

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Postby simonL » Wed, 09 Sep 2009 11:00 pm

Yup, agree with sun wukong also, unless you know what actually happened and what actually was said between the couple, its best to approach security immediately.
if you try to stop the guy, things may go out of control in a heated situation.

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Postby jennifer999 » Fri, 18 Sep 2009 11:35 am

so terrible,If i was in that situation i should call someone for help.

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