Primary 1 School Admission Test

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Primary 1 School Admission Test

Post by kchia » Tue, 01 Sep 2009 8:55 am

Hi Everyone

There might be an opportunity for my family to move to Singapore. I'm Singaporean and married to an American and we have 3 boys. Our oldest should enter into Primary One next year given that he turns 7 then.

He, however, does not hold a Singaporean Citizenship Certificate and does not qualify to apply for one because his DOB is before the changes made in 2004 regarding children of Singapore mothers born overseas. Not really a factor this year since Primary schools are already in Phase 3 registration which is for Foreign Students.

Most of the local missionary schools no longer have vacancies. I recently wrote to St Joseph's Institution Junior to enquire about vacancies. They informed us that IF there is a vacancy, he would be called to take an admissions test.

Is anyone familiar with this? What do they test?

Also, given that he was attending a Spanish Immersion Kindergarten class, he has not been exposed to the Chinese language (I myself struggled with it through Junior College so I really wasn't up to teaching it to him at home :? ). I am considering enrolling him in a local Kindergarten to build his Chinese foundation. Is that an option since he will be 7 in Febuary?

Many Thanks!

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Post by fristromcan » Tue, 01 Sep 2009 9:48 pm

Not sure whether it is an option to enrol your a 7 yrs old in kindergarten but you can definitely send him to chinese enrichment class. My son is attending a Chinese enrichment class intended to 3-4 yrs old but one of the boy is 6+.

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