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Please help find a new job with integrity

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Please help find a new job with integrity

Post by jimmy12 » Fri, 28 Aug 2009 10:59 pm

Dear employers or helping fellow expatriates:

i am desperately looking for a new work. I am a filipina 40+ years of age and is working in a small company here in singapore with an account manager item under employment pass but actually receiving less than what is required by the government. i dont have choice but to stay despite of a small salary, as i still need to support my younger children. I am a degree holder with extensive work experience in admin, accounts, customer service. Aside from a lesser salary, the workplace is very messy, with rats and coacroches all around the office area. I try to clean the place the first time I came thinking management will appreciate and will ask the other staff to follow suit, but I was considered a freak, because i am spending time in cleaning. My co-workers are also foreigners from other countries and sad to say hygiene is not important to them as i saw them working with computers that are very dusty and tables full of rats droppings. I am assigned to do multi-task and is presently assuming the work of a receptionist, admin clerk, accounts assistant , do messengerial job, and is also the human resource officer as i am in- charge with payroll preparation, applications of foreign workers, cpf contributions and the likes. I am required to come earlier and leave the office later as i need to open the office and lock it being the only ethrusted with a key aside from the manager.Despite of this arrangement i am not entitled to any overtime pay while the other staff who are doing outdoor servicing are entitled with all the options to overstate their overtime hours. Since I have an extensive exposure in the Philippines, modesty aside I am able to assume al the jobs delegated to me in an accurate and efficient manner. But all my contributions and hardworks are nothing and taken for granted as my boss only appreciate the sales manager effort and those doing outdoor servicing, as he said they are the one bringing in money to the company. He even told me that my work is very easy as I am only doing paper works. He said I am not bringing in any money to the company and now he even requires me to do sales on top of my voluminous work responsibilities. I tried to talk to the only supervisor we have, but he just shrug his shoulder and told me i dont have any choice if i dont want to stay as there is no option to increase my salary .He said the only option I have is to resign since a lot of unemployed people will be grabbing an admin/accounts /humanresource officer position. My boss even cracked joke that with my age theres no other company in singapore who will be interested to employ me. Its very demoralizing, considering that i am also assuming the work of a personal assistant, replying emails on his behalf, doing all letter-crrespondence, and arranging and reminding his schedules which he always forget. There's one situation that I cannot take so I argue with management knowing I am in the right position.- returning a double payment to the same invoice. Sadly here in singapore, whatever is the circumstance, you dont have the right to argue or explain your side as management is always right. I told my boss that its against corporate ethics not to return or to claim something that is not rightfully ours. But my reasoning went into vain and I have no choice but to deposit the double payment to the corporate account. There are other things that is not worth writing anymore which are frustrating and demoralizing - all happening in our office, so please if theres anyone there who can help me find a new job, i assure you that I am a competent, and hardworking employee and will work for you with honesty and loyalty. I just cannot afford to be without work now, I need to support the college education of my son. Please help, take me out from hell.....

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Post by ksl » Sat, 29 Aug 2009 2:06 am

Welcome to Singapore even though i haven't been to your Country yet, I bet it will be much the same. Hang in there if you want to keep working, leave when the opportunity comes. This is really no different to many other places in the find some comfort in the fact they used you.. You also may have the opportunity to use them, to get where you want to go!

You can PM me with your CV if you like and I will evaluate if I can use you. Chinese language is very important, but if you can produce results in English then I we will look at your CV. 2500 a month does require Chinese speaking in most cases.

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