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Im 16 and I just applied my first job

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Im 16 and I just applied my first job

Post by Nath21 » Wed, 26 Aug 2009 4:00 pm

Learn to use google and polish your shoes.

Are you a new graduate with little or no work experience? Sometimes it can be tough to get a job without experience, and how do you get more experience if you can't get a job?

Well, your chances are better than you think. Even if your work experience is a little weak, you've probably got life experience that will help you.

After all, it's not really your job history that employers are interested in -- it's your talents, abilities, knowledge, work ethic and attitude. It's likely that you've developed and fine-tuned these traits through your school work, volunteer activities, and interactions with people throughout your entire life.

The key is to identify your best attributes from your life experience and promote these to potential employers in the right way.

Make a detailed list of all your talents, skills, knowledge and personal qualities. Think about all you've done in your life and what you've gained from it.

For example, if you earned extra money by babysitting or mowing lawns, you gained experience in promoting your services, obtaining customers, negotiating payment, and accomplishing the required tasks while demonstrating self-motivation, punctuality, responsibility and customer service!

If you've participated in a sport, you've shown commitment, discipline and teamwork!

And don't forget to list what you've learned in school: computer skills, software applications, math, science, communication, etc.

Once your list is complete, you'll see that you really do have experience and can offer potential employers the talents, abilities, knowledge, work ethic and attitude they need in their ideal candidate!

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Post by calvink » Wed, 26 Aug 2009 7:38 pm

I'm glad to be back to Kuala Lumpur and has no regret leaving Singapore after my contract ended without agreeing to renew.

The reason was very simple. I was overworked without rest and basically had little or no social life at all. Why? I am delegated to handle all the account myself and some technical stuff which my company reluctant to pass on to others.

Not exactly enjoying what im doing. But it was AN EXPERIENCE. I'm not putting any blame on the company but for those who are looking for jobs overseas.

Better to thoroughly research on what you want and need in a career. There are differences between these two.

And thank god for leaving on time since the company has problem managing its finances with delays in salary payment.

Just be smart and know your rights before applying for jobs in overseas.

Oh doing something i enjoy back home.


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