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Post by ScoobyDoes » Thu, 27 Aug 2009 5:22 pm

winger7 wrote:
ScoobyDoes wrote:
winger7 wrote:I live in Hong Kong and...I know for a fact that Hong Kong is more expensive... :cool:

I think only for housing.
And food, and transportation...

I'll disagree with you on that one...... though hawker food here is a tad cheaper than the street food in HK, but only a tad. Meal times overall usually work out cheaper in HK because you get a beer or a wine at a fraction of the cost there.

By the time surcharges kick in for taxis they work out a similar price here and buses/trains in HK are similar to here also.

If you include cars and petrol in your "transportation" then your arguement is on shakier ground, though parking in HK can be expensive if you head into the wrong car park. Cars themselves in HK are ridiculously cheap given the size of the place.

Overall....... i end up spending more money in Singapore than i ever did in Hong Kong and with the exception of the larger apartment for the same price I don't think my lifestyle is any better for it.

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Post by EADG » Sat, 29 Aug 2009 6:11 pm

rent here is now about the same as Tokyo, at least in my experience

overall you have to factor in the currency you are paid in - whereas in Japan you have a strong currency here you are disadvantaged against the USD

agree with Scooby re the taxis and trains, though for Japan
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