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Question about District 08/Little India

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Question about District 08/Little India

Post by mlamontagne » Wed, 05 Aug 2009 7:56 pm

My husband and I are considering renting an apartment in the new City Square Residences just by the Farrer Park MRT.

Can anyone share any experiences about living in District 08 or near Little India? Is there a big expat community there?

I have heard the stories about how crowded it gets on Sundays, and I have also heard some stories about how the area can be described as "shady" and can be considered a high area for crime (well, as high as it gets for Singapore, that is).

Any input is much appreciated!

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Post by Zeenit » Wed, 05 Aug 2009 9:33 pm

Best to visit the area on a Sunday and see for yourself. Some people like the buzz. :cool:

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Post by AngMoKio » Mon, 10 Aug 2009 9:26 pm

I live next to (behind) City Square.

With the new mall, 1/2 block walk to the MRT, 24 hour shopping and some of the best food options in town for cheap fare I really like this neighborhood. Actually, we are finding that for -us- it might not be so convenient, but we are so in love with it we probably won't move. There are many hidden parks in the area and a quick walk brings you to the lavender MRT, Balastier (sp?) (wet markets, driving range, parks, rec areas) and much green space.

There are quite a few expats here and it is an up-and-coming area for art types (but you kind of have to know where they are.)

It -is- very loud and crowded on Sundays, but I mostly just ignore it. Other days of the week it is actually pretty quiet, but I would want a higher floor if I was on the Mustafa side.

I work nights, so I am up all hours walking the neighborhood. The type of personal safety crime you might be concerned about is almost non-existent, but there are several streets within a few block walks that are famous for brothels and prostitution. They are self-policed and to be honest it took me a few months to figure out what was going on. For some reason, they seem to never bother me (most are not looking for young AngMo types.)

The area is also constantly patrolled on Sundays due to the crowds, and the foreign workers tend to be on their best behavior. I get the sense that if they get even slightly out of line the run some serious risks.

There are also a few revellers that tend to come in from the Jalan Besar KTV's, but other then being slightly intoxicated when the bars close, no issue.

I have -never- been concerned for my safety at any hour of the night. It is a little grubby on Monday mornings with trash and the like, but the excitement of the neighborhood more then makes up for that for me.

Any particular questions?

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Post by durain » Mon, 10 Aug 2009 10:11 pm

AngMoKio wrote: Any particular questions?
ok, got to ask... where's the best curry house? :)

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Post by sassy5 » Mon, 10 Aug 2009 11:19 pm

hi mlamontagne

i have friends staying at hindoo road, at the row of colonial blocks. the food around there is amazing.. and as for the crowds there, itz rather hectic over the weekend, esp when you have foreign workers (mostly construction workers) who dominates the pavements, back alleys, grass fields, jus to sit around and chit chat.. the place are usually left a mess (litters, 'pee's, etc). but the workers are usually very friendly and 'harmless' and there are many groups of police patrols ard the area, so itz very safe.

city square side is jus at the edge of all these buzz. one plus point, you are very close to town. :)

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